My Half-Yearly Bookish Statistics

I’m honestly unsure of how time functions these days but I sure am glad to say that half of this shitty year has passed by. This calls for a celebration, you know whatever we can manage on Zoom.



Anyway… I’m not a huge maths or statistic fan but I love graphs and charts especially when they’re about books! So let’s all take a look at my half-yearly bookish statistics with some beautiful pie-charts 🙂



My Half-Yearly Bookish Statistics

So I’m aware that these statistics should be until the month of June but I completely forgot and updated my spreadsheet with some July reads so now we’re gonna roll with it and these will be the statistics up till July 5.

Oh and I’m currently using a bookish and blogging spreadsheet created by the lovely Kal @ Reader Voracious who has honestly created an A+ system thanks to which I don’t have to do any maths or calculating but still get these beautiful graphs and charts.

You all never want to trust me with maths, not even the most basics because I will mess up.


Books by Release

Like always, I’m more of a back-list book reader. Before I joined social media I would just read whatever book I could find in a library or book sale and almost none of them were new. I had no concept of dying painfully while I waited for a new and shiny book but every year I see a rise in the number of new releases I read even though it’s still far behind the blacklist ones.

I’ve also DNFed a lot of books this year simply because I refuse to waste my time on a book that doesn’t interest me. I would rather invest that precious time in reading authors I love. I’m also not a huge re-reader which is why I didn’t include a category for my re-reads.


Books by Genre


I’m honestly surprised at the number of graphic novels I’ve read. This was a genre I rarely read because I’ve always been told it’s too kiddish but I’ve grown out of that mentality and also found some amazing graphic novels thanks to the bookish community.

Contemporary books still rule the chart because I don’t know, I just love them. I’m pretty proud of myself that you can even see non-fiction and classics reflected here although my university readings might play a hand in this… I also want to read more mystery and thriller books. I consumed so many of them as a kid that I sort of grew bored of the genre but my interest has now been re-ignited!


Reading by Age Range

There’s absolutely no surprise there except maybe the fact that I have any middle grade books to represent that small little rectangle, lol.


2020 Reading by Source


I’m so freaking happy that I’ve been buying so many books and supporting these lovely authors!! Most of it has been possible because I got into audiobooks and purchased a Storytel subscription, so that counts as buying books 🙂


Ratings Breakdown

I’ve always been a person of extremes in all areas of my life. So a majority of my reads are either 4 or 5 stars or were DNFed. I have DNFed a grand a total of 17 books so far which is about the same number of 5-star reads that I add.  I also specifically pick out books that I know  I will almost certainly love. That and the fact that I’m easy to please means my average rating is usually pretty high.


Reading by Format (1)

Is anybody surprised that a broke student and international arc requester mostly reads e-books? If you are then you’re honestly living under a rock. But I’m so freaking happy to see that blue audiobook bar! As a person who couldn’t listen to audiobooks until a few months ago, I’m ecstatic to see these stats.


ARCs Read vs. TBR

I usually stay on top of my ARCs so 14:6 is not a bad ratio at all! Also I don’t think any of the unread ARCs are of books that have been released so that’s a bonus 🙂



# Books vs. Month

So there might have been a fall in the number of books I’ve been reading but there’s probably gonna be a huge spike this month once I finish my 30 books in 30 days challenge. There’s something really satisfying about seeing a peak in a graph….nope? Just my weird self?? Okay then…


I’ve also made huge efforts to reduce the number of books I’m buying. We’re not going to count my audiobook subscriptions her because it’s super cheap and also how do I translate that into books?? Anyway, that aside I’ve only purchased 9 books in the past 6 months, four of which were bought at a second-hand book sale. BE PROUD OF ME YOU ALL!!




Reading Challenge Updates



I had my Goodreads reading goal set to 80 books which I recently surpassed so I’ve now raised it to 120 books. This includes my 17 DNFed books though, so at some point I’m going to get off my lazy ass and move those from the ‘read’ shelf to the ‘dnf’ one.


South Asian Reading Challenge

I don’t think I set any such number of books for myself to read for SARC but I’m pretty disappointed that I’ve only managed to read 12 books for this challenge. I hope to increase this number in the remaining months of 2020.


Beat the Backlist Challenge

I’m pretty happy with my progress on this one! I’ve read a total of 37 books and my goal was 30. Additionally I’m also trying to complete a bingo board for this challenge by striking off all the squares. I’m only left with 7 out of the 25 squares so I’m pretty confident that I’ll get them done by the end of this year.


And that’s about it. I would say that reading wise my year has been pretty good but in every other aspect I honestly can’t wait for 2020 to be over and stop screwing us over.



How has your reading been so far?

Did you take up any reading challenges? If yes, how are you faring?

Are you a statistic nerd or would you rather not keep track of this stuff?



19 thoughts on “My Half-Yearly Bookish Statistics

  1. I’m a statistic nerd and I love using graphs and pie charts! This post is awesome and yes! Graphic novels are the best and they aren’t kiddish. I’m glad you’re dnfing a lot and I’m doing it too. This saves a lot of time .

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  2. I love all the graphs and charts and statistics and Kal’s spreadsheet is truly godsent.
    I’m glad you’re reading so many audiobooks and enjoying them! All the best for your 30 books in 30 days challenge – I hope you’re able to do it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!!! Ah books are my solace so I guess I just carve out some time. Plus I was planning on doing an internship this summer but thanks to the pandemic I was left with 3 months of holidays so taht certainly helped!

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  3. *happily drools at all the pie charts* Thank you for linking to my spreadsheet template, Charvi!!! And I am so glad you are DNFing more – I am as well, because life is too short to read books I am not enjoying. I hope the rest of 2020 is a good reading year/century whatever is time these days idk

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