Everything I Binge-Watched In June

Like every month in this year, June seems to have been so stretched out, it really feels like time has come to a stop. I spent a lot of my time binge-watching this month, maybe to compensate for next month. I’m going to take upon the 30 books in 30 days challenge in July which might affect my binge-watching, I guess we’ll see in the next update post.









1. Brooklyn 99 S6

That’s all the seasons available on Netflix and I just binged the hell out of them. I’m dying to get new B99 content, it’s definitely one of my favorite comedy shows!


2. Defending Jacob S1

Oh my god I was so excited when I found out that this was being adapted from the book! And it was thankfully very true to the novel with lots of lines being lifted up directly. Except for the ending, they changed that a bit and I’m not very happy because that might mean they want to do a S2 but there was a beauty in that ending that would get spoiled and it’s not like the author has written another book. But overall I loved the series and you should go watch it if you’re into those psychological thrillers of sort.


3. Alex Rider S1


Ahem, Alex Rider series was a huge part of my childhood and I got pretty emotional while watching this series. They made it a little more gritty and dark and aged the characters a bit but it was still so freaking good. They took up the plot of the second novel, Point Blanc, which is honestly my favorite. The acting was just superb and I’m besotted with it. I only have minor complains like the lack of SAS training that Alex was supposed to get and the way they portrayed Smithers 😦

Still, this was damn good and I really hope that they’ll make another season!


4. Survivor S12

I feel like every time I get bored with life I just watch a random season of Survivor. It’s honestly kinda inspiring to see everything the players go through while we’re just sitting in our beds. I honestly might watch like one season every month, who knows. It’s quality content.


5. Love, Victor S1


I’m just so overwhelmed by the whole cast and the plot and the themes this show decided to cover because this is such a gem! I remember when I first learned about a show set in Creekwood universe I was hesitant and wary but oh my god Love, Victor is even better than Love, Simon because we get so many episodes and so much amazing content! I could honestly preach about this show for hours but for your sake I’ll just ask you to watch the first episode, you’ll fall in love as well πŸ™‚


6. The Umbrella Academy S1

This one’s a re-watch in preparation for S2! I first watched it a year ago so it was amazing to refresh my memory and I’d actually forgotten quite a few major plots. It just reminded me how much I love Klaus and Five and Vanya and how I’m positively going to die waiting for the next season.







1. The Two Towers &

2. The Return of the King

Nandini and I finally continued and finished our Lord of the Rings marathon and wow how do these movies keep getting better and better? At this point my memories of both the movies have fused into one but let’s just say that I stan Legolas and Gimli and Aragon so freaking much. Also, hats off to the CGI in both movies, it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.


3. The Hate U Give

I’ve been putting this off for a long time because having read the book I knew this would be an emotional ride. I’ve legit cried every time I see the trailer and the movie was no disappointment. I just cried so much. It was so touching and well directed and the acting was on point. Honestly, everyone should watch this movie, especially during these times.


4. Alice In Wonderland

As someone who has never read Alice in Wonderland, for the first half of this movie I was just so out of place. Nothing made sense, it felt like there was no plot. Towards the end the movie did redeem itself, and I finally saw the message it was trying to give but this was a strange experience. I guess my advice would be don’t watch this movie before you read the book?

5. Taare Zameen Par

It’s been so long since I first watched this! I believe I may have been only a little older than the little Ishan who’s the main character in this movie but I remember absolutely loving it. Years later I’m still in awe of it and the way it explained the mental health of children and the backward education system and career-driven minds of everyone in India. I know all the desi folks would have seen this one but I really urge the rest of you to watch this beautiful masterpiece on Netflix!



Have you seen any of these movies and shows or do you plan to?

What have you been watching recently?

What are some shows or movies that you’re planning to watch?



14 thoughts on “Everything I Binge-Watched In June

  1. Reading your review has got me interested in Defending Jacob, it’s by Blake Crouch, right? I love his works.

    Umbrella Academy was already on my watch-list, I’m glad your review is positive πŸ˜„

    After trying out an Alex Rider novel when I was a teen I immediately got whatever was left of the series the bookshop had 😁 I still like Alex Pettyfer though, hehe. But I’m also glad to know that this one was produced well.

    I enjoyed your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yaay! I’m completely blanking out on the producer but I hope you give it a try. I actually never saw the Alex Rider movie and I’ve heard it was decent.

      Thank you so much ❀️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, I’m so glad you watched B99 and it is one of my favourite comedy shows as well!
    I haven’t watched Defending Jacob yet as I wanted to read the book but I may watch it because I do already have so many books to read…

    I really want to watch Love, Victor too especially after seeing some of your stories on Insta screeching about it and I hope I can somehow get access to it soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yess best comedy show ever! Yeah you might as well, both are extremely similar except that the book had more suspense and emotions I guess. Oh and a couple minor changes towards the end.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. B99 is one of my favourites and I just cannot express enough how much I love it.
    I don’t care how many years it’s been since Taare Zameen Par came out but it always makes me cry. It’s such an important movie and I’m always recommending it to people!
    I’ve actually been watching Community but apart from that, I haven’t really been binge watching much. I think Covid-19 and the lockdown restrictions has actually turned me off of TV and Netflix!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ugh ikr, I ugly cry every time. I haven’t heard of Community, what’s it about? Ah, I totally get that. I’m moody so like I may watch something in 2 days or watch nothing for 2 weeks lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • Community is about a lawyer who faked his degree and now has to go to community college to get a real one so that he can go back to practicing law. He becomes part of a study group with some eccentric people and slowly, they become friends. I’m terrible at selling shows but this one is really really good, so I would definitely recommend watching it!

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