Everything I Binge-Watched In May

Hey everyone, how’re you doing?

May has gone by in a flurry with me attached to my bed. Honestly, it’s been tough, but I know everyone’s going through the same thing and I’d rather not talk about it here. Being locked in my house with no classes does mean that I have more time on my hands though. I’ve been seriously binge-watching in May so come take a look at everything I saw.








1. Brooklyn 99 S1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

I’ve been craving sit-coms and since I can’t find any new ones I’m back to watching B99. And it’s still hella funny and the quality content I crave for ❤


2. Survivor S30, 32, 40

The quarantine has got me craving a lot of reality tv shows, something you might know if you saw what I binged last month. I picked up another season of Survivor and I was also watching the latest season in real time. I have mixed emotions because the finale was amazing but the player I least liked won and I’m so disappointed, ugh. Either way, I freaking love Survivor, feel free to recommend similar shows please!


3. Schitt’s Creek S1

I honestly expected I would love this one since everyone seems to be going crazy over it. But I didn’t… I was giving the show some time but after a couple of episodes I realised it wasn’t really picking up and I wasn’t enjoying it. I couldn’t bring myself to care and I didn’t connect to any characters except David who I absolutely adored. I almost watched the next season because I had hope for his plotline but it didn’t work out.

Guess it’s just not for me.


4. Kim’s Convenience S1, 2, 3 & 4

I discovered an amazing warm and funny sit-com and it really was all the quality content I wanted. The characters are freaking amazing and I really connected with them. The sub-plots and overall emotional journey everyone goes on- ahh sign me up for another season please!


5. The Misery Index S1

Ahhhh I can’t believe I finally got my hands on this show! WE’RE GETTING THE IMPRACTICAL JOKERS AND JAMEELA AL JAMIL?! Heaven. That’s where I was while watching this show. It’s absolutely hilarious and the Jokers just make it even more awesome. And hello, I worship Jameela, she’s a freaking amazing anchor and I love her. I already got started on S2 and can’t wait for the rest of the episodes to be released 🙂


A couple seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S ????

I…. don’t know what happened. I wanted a sit-com and something that I had watched before. Somehow I ended up binge-watching a couple of seasons of Friends? I skipped a lot of episodes in between (the ones I hate) and jumped from season to season so i don’t know how much I saw but it was a lot.



1. Never Have I Ever

This show was so cringey I couldn’t torture myself to complete it even though I was just two episodes away. I have so much to say but Kav from xreadingsolacex expressed everything that was problematic extremely well in this video so please go watch it and give them a follow!


2. Hasmukh

I literally can’t tell you how disappointed and creeped out I was by this show. My friend and I are obsessed with Vir Das and decided to watch his dark comedy show together. Except three episodes into it and we both simultaneously agreed to abort the mission.

Why? The plot is that Hasmukh gets his feel for stand-up comedy by killing people. 

That’s freaking dark but we somehow expected the plot to progress and I don’t know what to happen but nothing. We got nothing. And every other character was just so cheap and creepy plus the comedy reality show was so unreal and fake?? It was a major flop.






1. Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill

Kanan Gill is one of the OG Indian stand-up comedians so I was absolutely thrilled to see new content from him! He straight-up made me laugh so much that I swear I strained my facial muscles. yes, that’s an actual thing. I love him, I love all his wonderful and on-point jokes and you all should absolutely go watch his special if you haven’t!


2. The Half Of It

I mean what can I say about this movie that everyone else hasn’t?? This is what we deserve! Soft literature nerds falling in love and great, supportive male-female friendships. This entire movie was so freaking quotable, I had chills from watching it and my emotions were a mess. Still are. An incoherent mess. Alright, I’m going to stop rambling and honestly, you’re losing out on quality content if you haven’t watched The Half Of It yet.


3. Love Wedding Repeat

This was not what  expected. What I wanted was a movie where someone repeats their day over and over and over. What I got instead was less repetition and more emotional character arcs. That’s not necessarily bad and the movie was fine but the fact that I expected something else led me to be disappointed in it.


4. We’re The Millers

This was a weird yet nice movie?? I’m just a sucker for found families, okay? It was a good way to pass time and even though there were some strange and graphic scenes that made me cringe this was still okay and I liked the overall acting. It’s average trash and I’m into that. 


5. Room

Wow, this movie was something else. This is not a plot-driven but a character driven movie which is sort of obvious and it explores the psychological trauma of confinement and kidnapping. I think apart from the fact that the actors were freaking brilliant, my favorite part was how the aftermath was explored. Usually in movies an incident or escape takes place and we’re shown a short cut of release and freedom or an epilogue which leads to the fake belief that everything is happy and good. I’m glad that we get to see the after effects and the impact such conditions have on mental-health and daily life of survivors.


6. Kenny Sebastian: The Most Interesting Person In The Room

I had higher expectations since Kenny is my all time favourite comedian and maybe it’s just me but it feels like he’s been slacking off with his content lately. This comedy special was good and it made me laugh but there were some segments which were stretched out. I just feel he’s slipping from hilarious to funny.



Have you seen any of these movies and shows or do you plan to?

Do you have a favourite genre? I personally love sit-coms and psychological thrillers.

What have you been watching recently?



9 thoughts on “Everything I Binge-Watched In May

  1. I totally cracked up watching kanan Gill and kenny too! I found the start of Kenny’s segment really good but those animal planet jokes were a little annoying after a while lol

    I also enjoyed the Vir Das show.. forgetting the name now

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh really! It’s a good show but there’s a lot of issues too. Things get especially cringey with Ross sometimes because he’s like a promoter of toxic masculinity. But still, I hope you enjoy watching it 🙂


  2. I too wanted Love Wedding Repeat to have way, WAY more time looping! I was disappointed! And yes, totally loved The Half of It, was an emotional mess while I was watching it, even though I was indignant about that one teacher who kept telling Ellie to go away for college. It felt very old-fashioned and weird to be like “yeah, go into lots of debt for a bachelor’s degree! It’s Important!”

    I am deeeelighted to have your rec for Kim’s Convenience, as I have finished a few shows lately and am very much in the market for some new sitcom.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right?! Why is it being promoted like that it literally doesn’t show us the loops and fast forwards 🙄
      Ah I think the teacher was just trying to be helpful but that can be harmful in its own way.

      Yaaay! Do let me know your thoughts on it after you finish watching 😄


  3. love this post! kim’s convenience is one of my absolute favorite shows, and the new season has certainly given me a lot to binge watch. have you watched never have i ever?

    Liked by 1 person

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