May Releases That Deserve All Our Love and Hype

I’m so sad to see some of my most anticipated book releases getting shifted to later in the year or even next year. Despite understanding the reasons behind it, I’m sad for myself as well as the authors and publications who had put in so much effort towards these books.

Nevertheless, I realise that the best thing we as book bloggers and readers can do is to hype up the books that are still going to release as per their schedule. So here I am, a the beginning of the month, to tell you about all the May release on my radar that deserve all your love and hype πŸ™‚




May Releases That Deserve All Our Love and Hype


1. Felix Ever AfterΒ 


Felix Ever After is about our boy Felix who has never been in love and fears he’s too many marginalizations -Black, queer, and transgender – to ever be happy. And wow, do I relate to that. An anonymous student outs Felix publicly and sends him transphobic messages so he comes up with a revenge that involves catfishing and a quasi- love trinagle?

First off, the cover and the fact that our mc is trans made me immediately put this on my TBR. And then there’s so much happening in the plot, I simply can’t wait to get to read it!



2. The Henna Wars


AHHHH, I’VE BEEN SCREAMING ABOUT THE HENNA WARS EVER SINCE IT GOT PUBLISHING RIGHTS!!! Enemies to lovers f/f romance surrounding henna artists? I need this as much as I need to breathe. OH, and it’s pitched as When Dimple Met Rishi and Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, HOW CAN I NOT?!

Also, yes, I’ve spent countless hours fawning over that adorable cover.



3. The Fascinators


When The Fascinators was pitched for fans of Rainbow Rowell, I immediately perked up. It’s a story of a magic club and a group of friends. Their love for magic brought them together but now their friendships are tearing up. Friendships and groups breaking up is such a huge part of our lives so I love when books show that and I’m super intrigued by the magic partΒ  as well. And if I’m not wrong it has a m/m relationship as well so what’s not to like?


4. The Trouble With Hating You


Another enemies to lover rom-com with desi characters! The Trouble With Hating You starts out with Liya Thakkar running away from a dinner after finding out that her parents have set her up with a potential husband and that is so relatable. I would have done the same. Except the same man is the lawer her company hired which means they both get to see a lot of each other.

I’m always up for enemies to lovers plus this one has a successful desi woman and a desi man who works for her so yes, I;m pretty psyched!



5. Real Men Knit


Real Men Knit is about four brothers who are trying to keep their dead mother’s knitting shop alive. Except Jesse is the only brother who wants to keep it open. So along with his childhood friend, Kerry, Jesse embarks a journey to reinvent the store and keep it going.

This is a friends to lovers book and I haven’t read one of those in a while. Plus that cover is gorgeous and this book gives me a general vibe of destroying tropes and stereotypes so hell yes!



6. Parachutes


I’ve fallen in love with the idea of Parachutes. This book is about teenagers dropped in US to study while their rich parents remain in Asia, aka parachutes. For the first time, Claire finds herself with newfound freedom and she’s loving it. But Dani hates these privileged kids who seem to buy their way while she works hard to get into Yale.

This is a story ofΒ  wealth, power, friendship and trauma and it’s giving me major Loveboat Taipei vibes? Anyone else?



7. Something To Talk About


In Something To Talk About, Jo and her assistant Emma are declared as a couple by the tabloids, threatening Emma’s promotion and Jo’s new movie. The whole book follows them trying to deny the rumors by somehow growing closer and closer. I absolutely stan. I love the whole running from paparazzi aspect in a book and I’m so excited to see this f/f couple’s life play out!





Are any of these books on your TBR too?

Which May book releases are you most excited for?

Did any of your anticipated books get pushed back?

Have you already read any of these books? If so, let me know your thoughts.



14 thoughts on “May Releases That Deserve All Our Love and Hype

  1. So many amazing diverse books by so many wonderful authors! 😍 I really hope they do well regardless because I think they all deserve that. Thank you so much for hyping them up. πŸ’–


  2. WHAT a great selection of May books! I am freshly saddened that I can’t do my every-two-weeks ritual of going to the library and browsing about the new books shelves. Sob. The library is definitely the thing I miss most about the Before Times. πŸ˜›

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  3. Had heard about ‘The Henna Wars’ and am going to add that to ‘relaxation reads section’ in my TBR. Was waiting for a couple of translations to release in April/May which have been pushed to June as of now. I was hoping we would get an ebook of Ismael Beah’s new release, but that’s not available still.

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