50 Days of TBR Control

I don’t even need to ask this question, I know that your TBR is a hot mess.

It’s like a side effect of being a reader. Oh, you like reading books? Congratulations, now you’ll have hundreds and hundreds of books on your TBR which keeps growing by the day, but never enough time to read those books!

So a couple days ago, I said enough.

I’m going to get a hold of my TBR and do my best to control it. But in the past, this has turned out to be an overwhelming task, so this time I’m making a project out of it.


50 Days of TBR Control

So I have around 480 books on my TBR, more or less.

And yes, that number terrifies me. So in order to shorten my TBR, for 50 days, I’m going to look at 10 books from my TBR every day and decide whether to keep or trash them. I’ll be doing reviews of why I chucked these books and added them to my TBR in the first place.

My aim for this project is to chuck out at least 40 books, which is barely a 10% of my TBR but I don’t want to aim too high because this is going to be extremely hard. I also want to aim to not add more than 20 books on my TBR during these 100 days.

If you want to join this project with me I’ll be happy to see your progress!

Today, I’m going to show the 5 of the 10 books that I picked up from my TBR and implement my decision process on them. After 50 days I’ll be doing another post with all the books that I chucked out with reasons as to why I did so.

Also, bear with me, WordPress has turned absolutely topsy turvy for me for the past few days. It completely refused to load yesterday and now it refuses to add gifs to my posts but I’m not going to let that deter me!


DAY 1:


An Anonymous Girl is about a girl who takes part in a psychology experiment which starts to go wrong. The blurb is so intriguing plus I’m a psychology major and am super invested in this story.




I almost chucked this one out. Love Looks Pretty On You got added on my TBR solely because I found it on Storytel and found the cover pretty. But then I went through Goodreads reviews and all my friends have nothing but praise for it. Oh well, at least it will be a short read.




Oh, I’m definitely keeping this one. The Vow is an ARC I requested and got approved for on Netgalley. It’s about a man who disappears on his wedding day and then the bride founds that another girl reported the same guy missing and said this guy had promised to leave his wedding for her. I can sniff so munch drama and mystery on this book!




Middle Game was so hyped! When I finally did check it out, I found that it’s a book about two twins, one who is good with numbers and the other with linguistics. They aren’t exactly humans and they’re not gods? The summary literally leaves us at this and I’m SO curious. Plus it’s got really great ratings from readers whose taste I trust…




There’s no way that I’m going to throw away this book. I’ve read and loved every book by Ashwin Sanghi and I bought Keepers of Kalachakra as soon as it came out, just haven’t got around to it yet. Oh and it’s also a part of my #StartOnYourShelfathon TBR



So…. I kept all of the books on Day 1.

But that’s okay, I sort of expected that? There are tons of more books to come and hopefully I’ll update you all at the end of 50 days with a less tall TBR.



How many books do you have in your Goodreads and physical TBR?

How do you control your books and on what basis do you add a book to your TBR?

Also, how do you decide which book to read next? As a mood reader, I just pick up whatever the hell I feel like 😛



13 thoughts on “50 Days of TBR Control

  1. MIDDLEGAME WHOOO I’m so glad you kept it, haha. I usually review my entire TBR at the end of each year, to remind myself what’s on it and to remove books I’m no longer interested in. I have a pretty relaxed relationship with my Goodreads TBR, but I discovered about five months ago that I don’t really like it being over 900, haha, so I’ve been trying to keep it under that 😛 I think it’s a good idea to have a structured project like this if the size of your TBR is too big. 🙂

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  2. Ooooo I love this project of yours! I did a mass tidy up of my GR TBR last year and currently it’s sat at 196 with 20 other books on a separate shelf because they come out this year so technically it’s at 216 books but only shows at 196 because of how I separate things out. I tend to add books on my TBR if a lot of my friends recommend them or I see them about the community a lot, I’m also a mood reader so I just randomly pick up the book I’m in the mood for too.

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    • Thank you! Ah yes, you do that during tidyathon 😄 Oooh that’s still a great number to be standing at! Ahhh same, mood reading makes it all the more difficult 😩

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  3. Ooh, this is a nice project! Something I’d never go through with. 🙈

    I hardly ever update my Goodreads TBR but my physical TBR is brimming with books I’d never remove off of it. Not even the Graham Norton memoir when The Graham Norton Show is my least favourite of all the talk shows I watch. 💀

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  4. I keep my TBR in a spreadsheet where I have to actually do the data entry for every book, because I think if I were doing it on Goodreads where I could add want-to-reads with the click of a button, I’d never get my TBR under control. One of my strategies for TBR control is that every time I go to the library, knowing that the bulk of the books I get will be shiny things from the New Books shelves, I have to pick two much older books from the earliest sections of my TBR spreadsheet. And if times goes by and I find myself avoiding checking out certain TBR titles, then I just admit to myself I’m no longer psyched to read them, and I delete them. It works pretty well!

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    • Oh that’s actually a good idea. Me being me I would get lazy and not add books in there at all, lol.
      That’s a nice trick! A great way to control your TBR 🙂


  5. this is nice project, Charvi 🙂 I am more worried about by physical TBR though because I can remove books from Goodreads at any time but what about the physical books that I bought? I really need to read my physical books 😦
    Good luck though. And I am excited to see your progress after 100 days 😀

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    • Thanks, Sim!
      Ah I get that. I’m trying to read more from my physical TBR these days and I aim to finish off the small physical TBR I have here at home before the start of next sem.
      I have a lot of books back at uni but we’re not counting them rn lol 😂

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  6. […] A few days ago I said enough is enough. The number of books I wanted to read were piling over to a humongous number of 480 which just made me terribly anxious. Every time I opened Goodreads my eyes would pop out and I would start to sweat. And so I decided to get my TBR under control and started a project 50 Days of TBR Control. […]


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