Everything I Binge-Watched In March

With my classes being shifted online midway through March, I had more time on my hands to stare at my laptop screen. Obviously, quite a bit of that time was spent staring at my online classes on Zoom but I did end up watching a lot of stuff on Netflix. It’s been a great month, Netflix wise. Actually, that’s probably the only sense in which it has been a good month…






1. Mr Iglesias


I honestly only watched it because I love Gabriel Iglesias as a comedian. I honestly had no idea what to expect with this show and it turned out to be a comedy, feel-good sort of show. There was nothing huge about this show, it’s more like a sit-com and just something light that you can watch to cheer yourself up, I guess.


2. Money Heist Part 1 & 2


I’m honestly in love. This show is so addicting and ingenious. I love the plot, the characters, the thought that went behind it all – everything. It also helps that I’m trying to learn Spanish and the show is in Spanish, not even Latin-American Spanish. Also, the cast is so amazing! One of my favourite parts of this show is that it tells us exactly why we’re rooting for the characters even though they’re criminals. And knowing that, we still continue to root for them. Definitely the best thing I watched this month.


3. Big Bang Theory S1, 2 & 3


My sister has been begging me since forever to watch this show and she really oversold it. I mean, it’s a good show but I was honestly sick of it by the end of season 3. Part of the reason is that I binge-watched three whole seasons in a matter of days because I was bored to death. But also, I don’t know… I’ll probably continue watching other seasons at some points but there are some characters I really dislike and it just doesn’t stick out that much for me. It’s definitely great for binge-watching and being a background noise of sorts.




1. Zodiac


Oh wow, this movie was something else. I love movies based on real-life events and I honestly found this creepy, maybe because I was up till 1am to finish it. The acting is commendable, I mean obviously, look at this trio. That said, I love how it was executed and the ending was more tied down. It wasn’t the ending any of us would have expected or wanted in the sense that it was subdued but then the murders weren’t really the biggest focus of the group. It was more to cast a light on the lives of journalists and stories. At least that’s what I felt.


2. To All The Boys P.S I Still Love You


I was so let down by this movie. Jordan Fisher was the only highlight in this one. I’m not a huge fan of the second book either but it was way better than what this movie became. I feel like we barely touched anything deep? Other than the love triangle, nothing was explored well? They literally just half-assed the plot and focused on the aesthetics, which were obviously great. But where’s the story??? I don’t know, I only stan Jordan Fisher and Anna Cathart.


3. Remastered: The Lion’s Share


I almost never watch documentaries. I watched this one because it was a part of my class and I was pleasantly surprised. This whole movie is so beautifully curated. Every line, every segment really has the impact they were going for. More than that, it shows us the complete truth with no biases, all prejudices exposed. It is honestly an eye-opening masterpiece and a must-watch for everyone.


4. Vir Das: Abroad Understanding


Nothing better than comedy to help you cope! I really loved the format he used to record the show, switching between the act he does in different places. Vir Das is definitely one of my favourite comedians, he just has really crisp and spot-on jokes with just a touch of political and social commentary. That’s the perfect combination if you ask me.



Have you seen any of these movies or shows?

If yes, what are your thoughts on them?

How do you keep yourself from mindlessly binge-watching and remaining productive during these times?



6 thoughts on “Everything I Binge-Watched In March

  1. I also didn’t like the second To All the Boys movie — I didn’t exactly dislike it, but it was way not as good as the first one, and I hated that it made Peter Kavinsky look like a jerk, and really made Lara Jean look like a jerk as well. Bah! Not what I wanted!

    This is great to hear about Money Heist, though! I watched a bit of the first episode and got nervous it was too dark for me, but I will give it another try armed with your recommendation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes, they were both jerks and I didn’t remember them being so in the second book.

      Ah, it’s a little dark but only at specific points. It explores a lot of plotting and relationships and trauma too I guess, so maybe look up trigger warnings?


  2. I’m interested in checking out Money Heist & Zodiac after reading your post(as if it’s even available here in China 😅). I didn’t like BBT at all, didn’t find it funny. I watched Dylan’s and Cindy’s commentaries on youtube for P.S. I Still Love You, and I surmised the exact same thing as you said! And I didn’t even read the books haha 😆

    Liked by 1 person

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