Should We Be Creating Content During A Pandemic or Not?


Hello there!

No, you’re not on the wrong blog, I’m actually doing a discussion post. Yes, it’s been like a year but I honestly have no idea how that happened. I guess I just lost track. And I miss discussion posts. It’s so much fun to write all my thoughts on a topic and chat with you all in the comments. I just don’t want to talk about the same-old topics like Goodreads not having a half stars and paperbacks vs hardcovers, all of that. No shade to people who write blog posts about that, I’m simply tired of talking about all those topics.



I’ve seen some people on twitter talk about creating content and blogging in times like these where everyone is quarantined and trying to get their lives together and away from corona virus. So I thought why not discuss it out on the blog? But before we do that, I just want to say that I hope you all are staying safe at home as well as keeping yourself sane. I’m sending all my love and hugs to you 🙂




Should We Be Creating Content During A Pandemic or Not?


This is a very valid question.

Both sides have their pros and cons so let’s sort it out. But something that I want to stress upon is, no matter which side you choose to be on, it’s okay to blog or not blog during these times. This is a personal choice and nobody should be shamed about their choices unless they’re hurting someone else in any way.


Why we may not want to be blogging right now:


—> Honestly, everything sucks right now. People are really trying to survive out there, which is not an easy task. A lot of people may not have the time to sit down and read blog posts because they’re busy helping humanity out with this crisis or maybe work from home is killing them. Maybe their mental health has gone for a six or maybe they’re just dealing with other stuff. Either way, that’s not good for your statistics, but more than that, you may not want to put your best posts out there and have them go unnoticed. 

That would suck. Blogging takes a lot of time and effort so you may want to keep your posts on hold.


—> Like I just said, blogging takes tons of time and effort. And it’s not like bloggers don’t have their own lives. Most of us blog as a hobby or part-time job which means co-vid 19 would have really impacted our lives in general, making it difficult to carve out time for blogging or even be in the right mental space.

Even full-time bloggers can struggle with this, and to add on, they might feel an extra pressure to keep blogging because that’s their source of income, something they don’t want to lose out on right now.

So if you’re facing this dilemma, please take care of ourself and put your blog aside for a while. 




—> Additionally, some people may feel that it is insensitive to blog away about other things when we’re going through a pandemic. And I do get that.

People offer a suggestion by saying, write posts related to the situation, but that might get a bit overbearing and challenging. I get that too. Personally, I’ve been trying to maintain a balance between my posts with some of them being casual and light-hearted and other being related to what we’re going through.

You do you.


Why we might want to continue blogging right now:


—> Everyone is being quarantined and pushed into their homes. All plans are being cancelled, schools and universities are either on hold or being shifted online and others are working from home. Some people would have suddenly found that they have a lot of time on their hands. Blogging is not an easy tasks and most of us struggle to find enough time to fit it into our schedules. So why not blog away when we’ve finally got the time?


—> I can’t stress how important it is to keep yourself happy during these times. You need to give yourselves things to look forward to, things that make you excited and keep you engaged. So if blogging keeps you happy, please do go ahead and schedule or publish as many posts as you want!

giphy (1)


—> Speaking of viewership and statistics, some people are freer than before. Scratch that, they’re bored out of their minds. They need distractions from the terrifying year we’ve been having, so this could really be a boost to your statistics. I know this is the exact opposite of what I said before but the thing is both ca be true. Or either could be true, depending from person to person and their audience. I haven’t really figure out my audience yet.


Everything said and done, I will continue blogging. Like I said, I’m trying a mix of posts. But I’m also keeping some of my favourite posts for later because they’re really close to my heart and I would hate for them to go unnoticed But who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind?

The point of this post is to provide you with both the advantages and disadvantages of blogging during the coronavirus and also supporting you, no matter what your decision 🙂



So, will you continue blogging or put it on pause?

Do you have any more pros or cons to add to the discussion?

How are you coping right now? Please let me know if you’re safe and tell me about some positive things going on in your life!



37 thoughts on “Should We Be Creating Content During A Pandemic or Not?

  1. Hey! I put my blog on hiatus cz I’m not in the right space. I love that you’re blogging right now and , just like you said , it does give me time to catch up on more blogs❤️. Stay safe

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  2. Very interesting post Charvi. Definitely makes me think. But I’ve also had my posts for the next few weeks already scheduled for a while and I don’t wanna remove them either.. maybe I just have to carry on for now 😊😊

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    • Thanks, Sahi! Ah that’s cool, I was just talking to Dany and while she’s on hiatus she has plenty of time to catch up with other people’s posts 😊 I’m looking forward to your posts!

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      • Ya I know what you mean… but I’m not able to read at my usual pace and I’m not writing much either.. it’s like I can’t concentrate on anything for long and my mind is just restless… hopefully it’ll settle and I’ll be able to blog hop more and schedule some on mine too.

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  3. Nice post! You did a good job pointing out both side of the situation, There was some points I had not really took into consideration.

    Although I had some trouble finding post writing’s motivation, or even ideas I wanna write on, I don’t plan to stop either. Being an anxious person working at an « essential service » (I dont think coffee shop is *that* essential, but hey we aint closed yet.. for now — so im still going to work), it’s important to have a distraction of things. The pandemic is the only thing we’re hearing about everywhere right now and.. I can’t take it; thus i’m choosing to completely branch out and keep posting the regular because well, we do have to keep living! Some of us might need the « pause » of seeing that everywhere too to keep us sane or a tiny bit less anxious.

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    • Thank you so much, Kristina!

      Hell yes, I consider coffee very essential 😂 Stay safe while you work though! Yeah, it does me some good to dive into other stuff because my family talks about the pandemic constantly. Literally can’t get away from it 🙈

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      • Haha as a few of our customers aswell 😅 thank you! Ithink I *may* be safer than dad in a grocery store; as i’m behind a drive thru window, passing the stuff with a tray and the only thing the customer really touch is the debit machine, as we don’t take cash anymore.

        Omg- that’s so bad, im sorry.. my dad love to watch the news, which of course they dont talk of anything else BUT that. So when I can I just peace off in my room to somewhat « avoid it » (though its hard with the tv at full volume xd)


  4. Ooh! I love how you explored both the sides. Yes, it’s a tough time and blogging might not be easy with all the effort it takes. But at the same time, everyone need more content to consume during such time and maybe a break from the continuous scary information around the pandemic. I’m in favour of the latter since I like viewing life as a glass half full situation. Of course, everyone has the freedom to choose what they wish to do creatively in this time, especially for their blog so yeah, loved this post do much 👏 Also, that first paragraph is such a mood 😂 I’m too tired of the generic discussions around GR not having half stars too!

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    • Thank you so much, Fanna 💖
      Yes, I’m trying to look at the positive side these days because that’s literally what’s keeping me sane. Aww your comment means so much!
      HAHA I have no idea how it’s dated like a year ago, I’m so ashamed 🙈

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  5. I went through most of March chilling basically. I think end of Feb and throughout March I needed to just take time to breathe. I was struggling to write posts and was for the first time struggling with writers blog for blog posts and it really sucked. Towards the end of March though I finally decided since I’d be stuck inside and didn’t have work, I could finally work on making my blog look how I’ve wanted it to look for ages. That really helped me fall back in love with my blog. along with Bookending Spring prep which is how I ended up writing like 2 blog posts in one day (idk how I did I full 360 to go from nothing to all the writing but it happened xD)

    So I’ll definitely still be blogging both to keep me sane and to keep creating content for people to enjoy, the pandemic is a scary time for so many people and I appreciate and respect that. I just hope my blog and its content can give people a sense of escape from the dystopian like reality we’ve found ourselves in. I also totally get why some people may be on hiatus because of all that’s going on right now. An unexpected thing the pandemic has caused is for me to fall in love with taking and editing photos for my bookstagram…which I never thought would happen. I love this post so much and how you explored sides which are both valid! Sending you all the love Charvi, hope you’re staying safe ❤

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    • Oh no! I’m s glad you did a 360 though and are feeling much better. I’m glad you’ll be blogging and I’m especially excited to see your BE Spring posts 😀

      Aww that’s so nice that I’ll get to see even more pictures from you on bookstagram! Looking forward to it. Thank you so much, I really love the response I’m getting to this post 🙂
      Stay safe ❤

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  6. I really enjoyed this post and I agree with your points. I want to keep on blogging too since that gave me peace of mind and some sort of happiness before the pandemic too. My problem is finding time to write.
    I have a post in mind that I want to write, but im also afraid that people might get offended by it. It’s light hearted but it’s also about the current situation – like a meme I guess lol. I’ll write it anyway I think.. just as soon as I find some time🙂

    As always, my books are keeping me sane. Being stuck indoors with a child and lots of chores and cooking (which I absolutely dislike doing) on top of office work is taking a toll on my mental health. But I look at my daughter and try to remain positive and light hearted for her sake🙂

    How are you coping up?

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    • Thank you, Prachi! I hope you find enough time and I get to see your posts around. Ah, I get what you mean. Maybe you could show it to a couple of friends first and ask them what they think?

      Same, reading is bliss. Ahh, hope your child is doing fine and the chores aren’t killing you. I’m always here if you need to talk! I’m doing fine. Online classes are keeping me super busy and I have my good and bad days but it’s going okay overall. Can’t wait for this to end though!

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      • Thanks for the suggestion charvi! I did post mine earlier this week and luckily I didn’t get any backlash so I guess it wasn’t that bad lol.. I did tone it down a bit and made it more socially acceptable 🙃
        My daughter is literally waiting for corona virus to go away so she can at least go downstairs to the playground.. it’s a punishment for kids, oldies and dogs to be stuck indoors. But I do understand that it’s for a bigger cause. 🙂
        I’m glad you’re keeping busy! I’ll def reach out to you!!

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  7. I am definitely temporarily back to blogging as it somehow brings me a peace of mind during this period. I haven’t published much in a while, last year only 2 posts or photos, and now 3 in a week. In a way, it gives me a feeling that my work is continuing on-line, so it’s constructive, I hope. I am creating some new sections, thinking about new posts, reading and appreciating other writers, redesigning my site… as if I’m starting all over again. But at the same time, I’ve limited all these activities to March and April, at least mentally for now. I still hope optimistically situation will get better in May. Situation is strange – yes, maybe we shouldn’t blog considering the epidemic, but if it distracts us from the news, I say go for it… Listening everyday and every hour only about the virus could drive us insane…

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    • I’m happy to hear that!
      It’s good to engage with things that make you happy and things that you didn’t have time for earlier. Oh I agree, my family is constantly talking about the virus and it really drives me insane whereas they think I’m running from the situation…


  8. Shall we just talk about what a lovely lovely post this is? What I like best is that you’ve spoken inclusively, in the sense, you’ve spoken for everyone. Those who aren’t feeling good about blogging/creating content and those who are. I think that there are many things we can learn, but sensitivity is something that is inherent and that’s what you’ve shown in this post Charvi 🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️ I’m so proud of you and all that you’re doing, and I love what you’ve said: You do you. ♥️

    I’m an introvert, meaning I’m most productive left to myself. Before the quarantine, going out—even willingly going out for any reason—was exhausting. Draining. And I would find myself taking away time (after the three—four hours I spent out) just to recuperate. And this rarely had anything to do with the people or place I’ve gone to and mostly with how my system works. I need to recharge. This meant I lost at least seven hours of the day, easily. A lot of reading and blogging time.

    And after quarantine started, I had absolutely no reason to step out, which meant that I’ve been my most productive and best. I’ve been blogging better, reading LOT better, felt relaxed and good to keep at it continuously and even taking away time to spend maybe watching a movie or chatting with a friend didn’t eat into my reading/blogging time. This doesn’t take away from the first week when I was definitely feeling a little anxious and worried about the disease—however, staying in and allowing myself time to deal with it helped a lot and while I follow all the suggested ways to be safe I’m not neurotic about them.

    Tell me about you, Charvi. How’re your classes going? You doing okay? ♥️

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    • AHANA YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CRY AGAIN OMG. I’m just looking at how long this comment is and omg thank you so much for taking out the time to write it ❤

      Okay reading the comment is just really- why are you doing this to me??? This is the sweetest comment I've ever got ❤

      I'm glad that you're feeling productive right now! Focusing on all the positive things that come out of this situation is something we should be doing 🙂

      I'm doing fine. Online classes are a bit meh but my professors keep me busy as do my family and every day has its ups and downs but yeah I'm doing fine 🙂

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      • Awww love 🥺🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️ I loved your post. 😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️ it’s all true!

        *hugs* in case you’d like to talk feel free Kay?

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  9. Great discussion post, Charvi! I’ve definitely wondered about this topic myself. But ultimately, I think that bloggers and creators in general should continue doing what they’re doing (even though I haven’t posted in a while now, lmao). More than ever, I need to find a source of fun for myself, and there’s not better way to get that than by writing posts and reading posts from my favorite bloggers! I also love that because of the blogosphere, I know how other countries are handling the pandemic ❤ I also think that now is a great time to confide in each other in order to better cope in the time of COVID-19.

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    • Thank you, Caitlin!
      Ah that’s okay if you haven’t posted yet. I’m sure you’ll get around to it when you can 🙂
      Oh yes, that’s something I love knowing, how things are going about in other countries that my bookish friends live in. It sort of keeps you aware without much of the negativity associated with the news 🙂

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  10. Your post reminded me so much of what I heard from a recent convention for freelancers. The speaker mentioned about “writing at the right timing”. It is certainly critical that we do not only write just to get noticed, but we also need to have the purpose to follow through our craft.
    Lately, I have been trying to find better ways to use my writing in order to get good jobs in platforms like ` I feel strongly that your advice certainly has great value in it especially during these times of social commotion and distancing.

    Thanks so much for your reminders and suggestions. I would surely put them into good use during this pandemic and even forward.

    Have a great day and keep safe always.

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    • I absolutely agree. Oof tell me about it, I’ve been looking for numerous content writing internships as well. Aww thank you so much for your comment, it really warms my heart that I have any impact or am able to help others during these times ❤
      I hope you have a great day and stay safe too!


  11. I can’t think of staying cooped up inside for weeks without having new content to read online. And I am definitely usign the time to write all those posts I couldn’t earlier. Good post!

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