Start, Catch-Up Or Trash: Managing My Book Series

It’s not a huge secret that I’m a mess when it comes to reading series. Either I finish them in one go or linger upon them for years. On the odd occasion I do end up patiently waiting for and completing a series, authors start releasing new books in that series.

*cough* Tahereh Mafi *cough*

Part of me is dreading this post but the other part of me will sigh in relief once I finally sort all the book series I’m planning to read or leave behind. Because the past few times I’ve tried to organise my reading progress in terms of series, things have not gone well. I even tried not reading series until all the books were out. No luck.



But then I saw a post on Fadwa’s blog: 15 SERIES I WANT TO READ IN 2020 – STARTING, CATCHING UP & FINISHING and it inspired me. I decided to play a game of Start, Catch-Up or Trash with book series.

START: Series I want to start, and hopefully finish, this year

CATCH-UP: Series that I want to catch-up to

TRASH: Remove series from my TBR which I have no intention of finishing






1. Alex Rider Series

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Honestly, Anthony Horowitz keeps churning out books like a machine. I read the entire Alex Rider series as a preteen and fell in love. Skip to a few years later when I discovered there was an 11th book. I screamed a bit, immediately pre-ordered it and then fell in love all over again. But now there is a 12th book too? And a book that’s supposed to come out on 7th April? I mean I don’t mind it because Anthony Horowitz never disappoints but still, how long will this go on?

For now, I hope to finish this series, because I simply cannot not read an Alex Rider book.

VERDICT: Catch-Up by this year


2. Shatter Me Series

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I remember fangirling over this entire series in 10th grade with my then best friend. We were absolutely nuts about it and till date, I regard Aaron Warner as one of the best-written villains. And then Tahereh Mafi announced that three more books would be added to this series…

I honestly would love to read those books but I don’t really have the energy to go re-read the first three books. It’s bee about 3 years and I’ve forgotten 98% of what happened.

VERDICT: Trash 😦


3. Warcross Series

41014903._SY475_ 29386918._SY475_

I read Warcross as soon as it came out and I was completely enamoured and also taken aback with that ending plot twist. I was literally begging for the next book to be in my hands. But now? I’ve forgotten most of Warcross and I’ve also heard many readers say that Wildcard was an absolute disappointment.

So I guess the decision is clear.



4. Holes Series

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Holes by Louis Sanchar is a book that had taken me by surprise. I loved reading and re-reading it but until recently, I had no idea that this was the first book of a series. I recently acquired the sequel and I’ve heard that there is a novella set in between the first and second books as well. I really hope to finish off this series by the end of 2020!

VERDICT: Catch-up


5. Magnus Chase Series

15724396 27904311 28006120

Here’s what happened: I read the first two books and then I forgot everything while waiting for the third book. I even went ahead to once read the first two chapter of The Ship Of Dead but then…I left it. I know that everyone has rated it super high but I’m genuinely not motivated to pick up this series, despite having loved the first and liked the second book.



6. Virginia Shreves Series

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So I read the first book called The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things as the BOTM for Banned Book Club. I absolutely loved this book for the message it put across and at the time I thought it was standalone. And then one day I saw The Universe Is Expanding and So Am I and I legit screeched. Recently I found it in audiobook format on Storytel so I’m definitely going to be reading this one. I won’t be re-reading or skimming through the previous book because I have the feeling I can read the sequel separately as well.

VERDICT: Catch-up


7. Legacy of Orisha Series

34728667 COV&V_JKT_Trade_032819.indd

Children of Blood and Bone instantly had me when it first came out. I was just in love with the characters and totally enchanted with the world of Orisha. I’ve had all intentions of seeing this series through and through and I even have the sequel on my shelf. I just plan on skimming through the last few chapters of the first book before I pick up the second one.

VERDICT: Catch-up


8. The Night Trilogy

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I read Night by Elie Wiesel as a coursebook and I truly did love it. I promised myself to go and read the other two books in the trilogy. But that was last semester. Since then I’ve realised that a literature major has to read tons of books about war and colonisation and all that happy cheery stuff. Please note the sarcasm. My point is, it takes a toll on you. Also, apparently, Dawn and Day are both fiction whereas Night was a non-fiction memoir? I didn’t sign-up for that.



9. Openly Straight Series

hjkl 34317317._SY475_ 27230789._SY475_

I read Openly Straight for Pride month last year and it was so honest, sweet and realistic? I adored it. Butt right now, I’m just too tired to continue with the series. It still has those dorky characters I fell for but I just- I don’t feel a spark. Sorry.



10. Dare Mighty Things Series

29523636 36039315

Back when the bookish wish tag was trending on twitter, Heather Kaczynski was a huge sweetheart and sent me a personalised copy of Dare Mighty Things. I absolutely loved it and then found out that the sequel was too expensive… But recently I found it on Storytel and now I’m super excited to skim through the first books and then finally read the sequel 🙂

VERDICT: Catch-up



11. The Shadowhunters Chronicles

Oh boy. This is a long one.

One day I will sit down and tell you all about my complicated relationship with the Shadowhunters chronicles. But right now, let’s go with all the sub-series under the whole genre of the Shadowhunters series.

a) The Eldest Curses series 

I’ve read The Red Scrolls of Magic and I honestly thought of it as a fanfiction. I enjoyed it but not at the level I would have enjoyed a well-thought novel, more like fanfiction. Hell, I’ve read more structured and well-written fanfics.

Now does that mean I won’t read the rest of the books? Let’s just face the fact that I’ve been starving at the lack of malec contentand will grab anything available. So… I will be reading the rest of the books, going into them with the mindset of reading fanfiction and just not keeping much expectations.

VERDICT: Catch-up


b) The Dark Artifices Series

I have unsuccessfully tried to read Lady Midnight three times and I think I’m just going to give up now. I wanted to read Lord of Shadows since it has a lot of Malec content but screw it, I don’t have that kind of time. I’m just going to hunt down all of the Magnus and Alec scenes in that book separately.



c) The Last Hours series

I think the first book in this series is coming out very soon? It’s about Will and Tessa’s children and honestly, I have no patience for more series by Cassandra Clare. I don’t care how much hate I get for this, at this point the author is just trying to mint money by telling us detailed stories of every character that ever existed in the Shadowhunter world. Just give it a rest.



d) The Wicked Powers series

Apparently, there’s gonna be another series about Kit and Ty? Just stop, oh my god. I mean I’m never finishing the Dark Artifices series so it wouldn’t make sense for me to read this series.



12. The Books of Ambha Series

39714124._SY475_ 43192642._SY475_

Okay, I’ve heard too many good things from absolutely everyone so I can’t not have this on my TBR! I was waiting for Realm of Ash to release because I prefer to read a series when all the books are out. And this year I’m finally going to pick both of them up.




13. The Shadow and Bone Trilogy and The Six of Crows Duology

10194157 14061955 14061957

23437156 22299763._SY475_

If you’re even slightly active on social media you would have definitely heard that the Grishaverse books are being turned into a Netflix show. It’s everywhere. And for a person who’s been meaning to read all the books since ages, this seems like the best time. I’m going to read The Shadow and Bone trilogy first because I’ve heard people say if I read it after the Six of Crows duology, I won’t like it as much.





Phew, that took some time! How do you keep track of the series you want to start or catch-up to?

Also, is it just me who keeps forgetting what happened in the previous books? How do you all keep track of plots and characters in a series?

What are some series that you mean to start reading this year?




9 thoughts on “Start, Catch-Up Or Trash: Managing My Book Series

  1. “I don’t care how much hate I get for this, at this point the author is just trying to mint money by telling us detailed stories of every character that ever existed in the Shadowhunter world. Just give it a rest.”

    *wheezes* I mean you’re totally not wrong there but I am totally in love with Tessa, Will and Jem from The Infernal Devices so I’ve been looking forward to Chain of Gold for years xD The Dark Artifices….I adored Emma and Julian but I totally get that it’s not for everyone, I still need to read the last book in that series.

    Ah I read SoC first and now it’s a struggle bus to even read the Grisha trilogy 😦 but one day i’ll get round to finishing the trilogy…maybe xD I’ve always been curious about the Alex Rider series but I’ve never picked them up, I think I saw the movie adaptation of the first book though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • XD XD XD
      Oh yes, I still love our Infernal Devices trio but I just don’t want to read about their kids. And I don’t want Cassandra Clare to somehow mess up Will or Tessa for me…
      But yay for you, I hope you get to read the Chain of Gold soon! Also, if you’re free anytime soon, could you sum up the Dark Artifices books to me? I’m just a little curious.

      Hehe, I do not want to fall into that trap! OMG you should definitely read it!!! I know there’s a movie but I haven’t been able to get my hands on it as of yet 😦 Hopefully I will, one day.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, I hear you! I was introduced to so many series in the past two years and I’ve got them all added to my TBR. There aren’t any that I’ve started and decided to trash yet. But there are many that I haven’t started and decided not to pick up until I’ve read the others in my list which are a lot anyway. Lol!

    I also read the SoC duology first and have the Grishaverse on my kindle ready to be read. I know it won’t be as great as the SoC but I’ll still read it then because I want to have read the books before the Netflix version releases😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh this is such a fun post! I have SO many series on my TBR, unstarted, unfinished and it’s a meeeeeeeeess ahah. I’m still unsure about reading Wildcard. I’ve read Warcross and really liked it at the time, but all the mixed reviews for the sequel have me a little meh about continuing. And ahhh someone who read The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things! I read that one AGES ago and remember really liking it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Marie! Hehe isn’t that alll of us 🙈 Yeah I heard a lot of mixed reviews too so it doesn’t really sound worth it. OMG, it’s so rare to find someone who has read that book?!! 😍 I loved reading it about a year ago and hopefully the second book will be just as good.

      Liked by 1 person

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