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Hello everyone! If you’ve stuck around this blog or any of my social media channels long enough, you know that I’m an absolute sucker for Sandhya Menon and her books. I love all her precious characters and storylines which fill my heart with warmth.

So naturally, I let out a screech when I got into Sandhya Menon’s street-team last year. Nandini from Novels and Nebulas can testify that because I was on a video call with her and she freaked out because she thought there was a killer behind her…



Being a part of the street team, I got early access to an ARC of Of Curses and Kisses, the first novel in a series of fairytale retelling set in a boarding school. In fact, I just finished reading this book yesterday and it’s safe to say that I’m well and truly in love. Which is why as soon as I saw this tag on Rachael’s blog, I jumped up at the opportunity! And now I’m equally excited for you all to read this post πŸ™‚




JAYA: Favorite Fictional Bookworm

For this position, I would like to nominate our uber introverted bookworm and fanfiction writer, Cath from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Which bookworm hasn’t seen a reflection of themselves in Cath? I think Jaya and Cath would make great friends and have a lot of fun being locked in their rooms and reading fiction books.


GREY: Favourite Brooding Character

Nico di Angelo from the Heroes of Olympus series is a personification of the word brooding. But we all know he’s just an adorable child on the inside. He just needs lots of warm hugs and affection, best if from Will Solace, to melt away his brooding from. I feel Nico is even more of a brooding character than Grey and would just scowl away at him.


ST. ROSETTA’S ACADEMY: Favourite Fictional School

This award definitely goes to the lovely Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series. I’m not an uber-fan like some people but I do like the Harry Potter series, and my fascination for Hogwarts is unending. If given an option why wouldn’t I want to fly on brooms, write letters on parchment, perform magic and stab Snape in the eye? Whoops, there’s a controversial opinion…




JAYA AND ISHA: Favourite fictional siblings

Alec and Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instrument series have the whole of my freaking heart. These two idiots fight together sure, but they love each other to bits and are always ready to sacrifice themselves for the other. And they make such a badass duo! I STAN.


ROMANCE AND REVENGE: A book that features both themes

I feel that A Spark of White Fire by Sangu Mandanna is perfect from this prompt. The story follows a girl Esmae who wants to take revenge on Max for taking away everything from her brothers but then she begins to fall into a romance with him? Not only does this book have lovely themes of revenge and romance, it’s based on the Mahabharata epic from Hindy mythology and has a brilliant plot that will blow you away!


ROSE PENDANT: A book featuring a touch of magic

The Astonishing Color of After is a brilliant book featuring magical realism. I read this book some time ago but even today when I look at the cover, memories of awe and sadness overwhelm me. This book featured a mother who dies due to depression, hence the sadness. Don’t worry, that wasn’t a spoiler. I would absolutely recommend this book to you if you’re into magical realism. It also has vivid descriptions of Taiwan’s culture and food so it might make you hungry.


RAO AND EMERSON FAMILIES: a book that deals with the pressure of family expectations

For this one, I’ll go with Harley In The Sky by Akemi Dawn Bowman. I haven’t read the book yet but it’s about a girl named Harley whose parents insist that she goes to a school but she wants to follow her dream and legacy of being in the circus as a trapeze artist.

I absolutely love books set in circuses so I can’t wait to get started on this one πŸ™‚

Related Post: Why I Love Books Set In Circuses


LEO, RAHUL AND DAPHNE ELIZABETH: A book featuring a supportive friendship group

I recently read Mirror, Mirror which features a band formed of four teenage misfits who are each other’s only support system. All they have is the band and each other. Throughout the book, all of them go through many ups and downs but they stick together and keep supporting each other till the very end.


ENEMIES TO LOVERS: Favourite book featuring this trope

Simon and Baz from Carry On will forever have my heart. They are the epitome of the enemies to lovers trope and I just- I start giggling even thinking about the two of them!



CATERINA: A character that seems an Ice Queen/King but is actually a cinnamon roll

Nasir from We Hunt the FlameΒ looks like a cold-hearted assassin but he’s so soft and sweet on the inside! Again, this one needs like a thousand hugs before he’ll melt and even though he can literally kill me in two seconds, I will lay down my life to protect him.



Even if you’ve not yet read Of Curses and Kisses, I’m sure you can have tons of fun with this tag! Anyone who wants to do it can consider themselves tagged but I’m specifically tagging:

Nandini @Novels and Nebulas

Simant @Flipping Thru Pages

Kate @Reading Through Infinity

Clo @Cuppa Clo

Thya @Wilted Pages



Have you read Of Curses and Kisses yet or is it on your TBR?

What are some of your favourite fairytale retellings?

If you were to write your own fairytale retelling what would it be about?


15 thoughts on “Of Curses and Kisses Book Tag

  1. OMG I LOVE THIS TAG CHARVIII IMMA TAG MYSELF. I can’t wait to dive into this book, especially after Sahi told us about is on BDI. Also have you noticed how much I steal from your tags 🀣🀣🀣β™₯️


    ASoWF is the perfect romance-revenge story. Aghhh you smart smart girl.

    I’m yet to read the other books you’ve chosen but boy am I excited.

    Liked by 1 person


      Yess, Cath! Hehe thanks for the compliments 😘
      Can’t wait to see what your answer are like 😍


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