2020 Book Releases by Indian Authors

There are so many amazing titles coming out this year that nobody is really able to keep track. I’m doing monthly lists of book releases but I still keep missing out on books. In these massive lists, diverse books remain hidden sometimes and I’m here to bring them in the spotlight. Today I’m going to hype up 8 book releases by Indian authors that I absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on!







1. OF CURSES AND KISSES by Sandhya Menon

Releasing on 18th February


Of Curses and Kisses is a desi retelling of The Beauty and the Beast set in a boarding school called St. Rosetta’s International Academy where Princess Jaya Rao is hellbent on taking revenge on the loathsome Grey Emerson by making him fall in love with her. Now all she has to do is not fall in love with him herself. Easy, right?

When a book has Sandhya Menon’s name stamped on it you know I’m going to pick it up. But other than that why would you knot want to read a desi retelling??? Also, enemies to lovers trope, sign me the hell up! I’m on the street team so I got hold of an early ARC copy so I’m super psyched to read it!


2. GROWN-UP POSE by Sonya Lalli

Releasing on 24rth March


Grown-Up Pose is a book I haven’t heard people talk about and I fail to understand why. The story is about a girl named Anu who’s trying to figure out adulting after being separated from her husband, taking care of a young daughter and being pressurised to get married again.

I’m super intrigued to see how this one goes. I can already tell that it will be filled with desi references and that I’ll fully relate to poor Anu. Also, the blurb mentioned that she’s trying to manage her own yoga studio as well so that’s another added stress to juggle. Can’t wait for this book to be out in the world!



3. WE ARE TOTALLY NORMAL by Rahul Kaanakia

Releasing on 31st March


We Are Totally Normal is about Nandan who is planning to ace his junior year and help his best friend Dave get into the popular crowd. But that plan crashes when Nandan hooks up with Dave and he’s not even gay. Right? Now Nandan doesn’t know what to do with his sexuality and his anxiety is sky-high. Is he really prepared for this relationship?

Oh my god, we need more books like this. I love that we’re not talking about coming out here but just the stress, anxiety and confusion associated with discovering your sexuality and rethinking everything you thought was true about yourself. This book is definitely my most anticipated book for 2020!


4. MAD, BAD & DANGEROUS TO KNOW by Samira Ahmed

Releasing on 7th April


Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know is set in alternating timelines with 17-year-old Khayyam Maquet—American, French, Indian, Muslim in on a family trip in Paris, a dream for a budding art historian. But 200 years before Khayyam’s story, Leila struggles to keep her true love hidden from the Pasha. Khayyam and Leila’s lives intertwine as Khayyam stumbles upon the other woman’s life and starts uncovering it, finding herself through the process.

I’m so mad at myself for not knowing that Samira Ahmed is publishing another book until very recently. And it sounds so magical? I don’t think I’ve ever read a book relating to art history so that’s an interesting aspect. I’m really curious about how exactly Khayyam and Leila’s lives link up as Samira Ahmed takes us for a trip into history.



Releasing on 12th May


The Trouble With Hating You is about Liya Thakkar, a happily single woman who does not want to get married. Someone ought to explain that to her parents who keep trying to set her up. Jay Shah is a lawyer who is arrogant and infuriating. But soon Liya and Jay’s witty banter starts to turn into something else but if they want to explore that aspect of a relationship, delving into their painful pasts is a must.

I’m not very sure what to expect from this book except for the very obvious enemies to lovers trope. What attracts me to this book is Liya’s personality and how she basically runs away every time her desi parents try to set her up because wow, that takes insane bravado. I would love to hear more of Liya’s story and I’m all down for the witty banter!


6. HUNTED BY THE SKY by Tanaz Bhathena

Releasing on 23rd July


First off, just look at that cover! It’s absolutely heavenly. Hunted by the Sky by Tanaz Bhathena is about Gul whoo has a star-shaped birthmark. But every girl with that birthmark in the kingdom of Ambar disappears into thin air, and hers is what entails the murder of her parents. Taken in by a group of rebel women and trained as a warrior, all Gul wants is revenge. Enter love interest Cavas who will do anything to save his father and can’t stay away from the magical Gul.

I’m always here for fantasy books inspired by medieval Indian worlds and this one sounds a lot of fun! In this house, we stan female warriors out for revenge.


7. 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT PINKY by Sandhya Menon

Releasing on 30th July


Again, look at this gorgeous cover! I’m always a huge fan of Sandhya Menon’s book covers and 10 Things I Hate About Pinky does not disappoint. This story is about Pinky and Samir who were side characters in There’s Something About Sweetie but are now ready to sweep us away with their romance. Pinky and Samir start to fake-date so that Pinky’s parents can get off of her back about getting a decent boyfriend. It’s a perfect plan as their bickering starts turning into something more…I mean, perfect for us 😉

You simply can’t expect Sandhya Menon to release a book and for me to not talk about it. Even in the last book, I was immediately drawn to Pinky’s quirky and fun personality and now I get to read more about her. What a joy 🙂


8. STAR DAUGHTER by Shveta Thakrar

Releasing  on 11th August


Star Daughter is here to kill me with that cover. I mean, those colours, that hair, that face- I CAN’T. Ahem. This book is about Sheetal who is the daughter of a star and mortal. When some starfire injures her mortal father she needs powerful help only a star can provide. Sheetal’s quest takes her to a heavenly celestial court where she must win a championship to get what she wants.

Omg, the daughter of a star and a championship that sort of gives me hunger games vibes? Star Daughter is also pitched as Neil Gaiman’s Stardust meets a rich landscape of Hindu mythology and celestial intrigue and I honestly can’t get more excited!




If you want to know about more diverse 2020 releases, check out these amazing bloggers who are posting #OwnVoice book release lists!



Are any of these books on your radar?

Which are your favourite Indian book releases for 2020?

If you think I missed out any books do let me know in the comments below 🙂


18 thoughts on “2020 Book Releases by Indian Authors

    • Omg I’m reading OKaC and wow it’s SO good! Gah, I really hope my Edelweiss request for Star Daughter gets accepted otherwise I will cry and die 😭

      Also, thanks so much for showering love on my posts 😘

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  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS LIST!! I really want to read more diversely this year and I’m so glad that you took the time and effort to compile these work of arts! I SERIOUSLY AM EXCITED FOR THE ENEMIES TO LOVERS TROPE IN HERE AND ALL THE COVERS ARE SOO BEAUTIFUL.

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  2. Excuse me whilst I go add like most if not all of these books on my 2020 goodreads tbr (I made a special shelf just for 2020 releases so I can easily find them) because I need like all of these. I’m loving Sandhya Menon’s books and the Star Daughter and Hunted By The Sky both look good! Thank you so much for this list Charvi and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these books!


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