Pairing Off Popular YA Characters

I love devouring one YA book after the other and most of my favourite books usually lie in the YA genre. I also adore shipping characters with each other soo I thought why not make a blog post out of it? Last month, I asked everyone on Twitter for some popular YA couple names for a blog post. Little did they know that I would be up to some matchmaking.



This idea is not original, it’s highly inspired by a video by Jessethereader on youtube. I wrote down the names of the given characters on chits and then shuffled them up to draw random pairs and give my two cents on their ship. Except I made it queer because why not. I didn’t keep the chits with male characters aside from the female ones and mixed them all up. This did create certain problems, the main one being that I pulled out Rishi Patel and Ashish Patel’s name twice. Twice. We do not support incest in this house.

So, are you ready for some matchmaking?




Isabelle Lightwood and Peter Kavinsky

That is such an interesting pairing. Both Isabelle and Peter are sort of popular players so it would be fun to see them together. I can imagine a story where everyone is shipping Peter, the popular football player with Isabelle, the popular athlete maybe? And they hate being shipped together and stay away from each other but still end up getting together. I would pay to read that.

giphy (2).gif










Jem Carstairs and Hermione Granger

Ooh. One one hand there’s nothing wrong with this pairing? But I don’t think it would really work out. I just can’t see Jem with Hermione somehow.


Edward Cullen and Four

Again, this is a weird pairing. I don’t remember much of Four since I read Divergent a very long time ago but I do remember him as a tough dude who doesn’t show many emotions. If Edward and Four were to ever date it would probably be from enemies to lovers trope because I don’t see them getting along very well, especially when they first meet.


Percy Jackson and Rishi Patel

I have no idea what to think of this pairing. On one hand, Rishi is a bit like Annabeth? On the other hand, I don’t just see the two of them together. Maybe it’s because I can’t see Percy with anyone other than Annabeth or maybe Percy is such an adorable yet powerful doofus that I can’t imagine what Rishi would do with him.


Clary Fairchild and Annabeth Chase

This might actually work?? I’m not a huge fan of Clary because she’s reckless, makes stupid moves and is always pining after Jace. Annabeth is thankfully smart, level-headed and maybe a little less of a risk-taker than she should be so the two of them would balance each other out. And both of them are fierce and badass warriors. Hmm, maybe Annabeth finds a frustrated Clary in a cafe studying for her exams with her hands in her hair and a mess of notes on the table. And she offers to help Clary out and maybe that’s how their relationship starts. I feel like it would be an adorable pairing.

KlOQ.giforiginal (1).gif



Jace Herondale and Hazel Grace

Oh dear god, no. I don’t like Jace very much. In fact, my feelings border on absolute hate so the sweet little Hazel does not deserve someone like Jace. In my opinion.


Peeta Mellark and Theodore Finch

It’s been some time since I read All The Bright Places but I think Peeta and Finch could work it out. Or it could not. I’m 50 -50 here.


Katniss Everdeen and Will Herondale

Wow, I’m here for this fiery duo! They might clash a bit at times but I feel they would go good together. They both love adventures and show that they’re a bit tough but on the inside, they’re more of a softy? I would just like to see them together.


Ron Weasely and Park

Again, it’s been some time since I read Eleanor and Park and all I remember is that Park is a sweetheart. Ron is- well, everyone knows Ron. I just don’t think these two belong to each other.


Lara Jean and Sweetie Nair

OH MY GOD. Can you imagine how adorably sweet and perfect this relationship would be??? Blushing girlfriends for sure, I can’t even- it’s too good to be true. Gah, these two would kill everyone. There are so many possible scenarios spinning in my head! Since Sweetie is a track athlete I’m just imagining Lara Jean crashing into Sweetie and falling on top of her on the track. Oh my god, what if the storyline remains the same as TATBILB and she asks Sweetie to play along because she wrote all these letters to boys when she was younger and thought she was straight and then Sweetie and Lara Jean fake date?? I’M GOING TO CRY, WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF?



Bella Cullen and Eleanor

Like I said in my answer, it’s been a long time so I don’t remember much about Eleanor. But Bella? I find her very meh so I feel that Eleanor deserves better. In my opinion, so don’t judge me.


Frank Zhang and Beatrice Prior

Frank ad Tris are kind of opposite in nature and I don’t remember much about Tris either. Frank’s an absolute sweetheart but so much of Tris’s personality revolved around being in her dystopian world that I’m unable to imagine her outside of it. They could go well together or they might just completely ignore each other. I’m double-minded.


Tessa Gray and Violet Markey

I absolutely adore Tessa and I feel she would go well with Violet and give her a sort of sense of calmness. I remember Violet as a disturbed character who was unsure and a bit over the place but she would do well with Tessa. This could turn out to be a cute pairing.


Dimple Shah and Ashish Patel

DEAR GOD NO. Dimple you go back to Rishi and Ashish don’t you get away from Sweetie to make a move on Dimple! Even if Dimple wasn’t in love with Ashish’s brother it would have been a no from my side because the stubbornness and determination of both characters would have clashed hard.



Did you enjoy this post?

Were your opinions about these pairings the same as mine or different?

Which was your favourite couple amongst these? I’m definitely rooting for Lara Jean and Sweetie πŸ™‚



12 thoughts on “Pairing Off Popular YA Characters

  1. Edward and Four cracked me up lmao. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Four would probably want to beat him up but fail miserably because vampire strength. πŸ˜…

    And Lara Jean and Sweetie? I still haven’t read Sweetie, but OMG, this is a ship I’d like to read about! ❀️

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  2. Aaaah I love this post so much! I still need to read Something About Sweetie but that pairing sounds adorable to me! Katniss and Will hahaha omg I can imagine this pairing, and it would be fiery I feel like since they both have a stubborn streak. Jem and Hermione I can’t see either, I feel like they’d be good friends perhaps?

    Ah Clary and Annabeth, I’ve only read 2 books in the Percy Jackson series but I do love Annabeth hehe. Clary and Annabeth could work in fact I’d probably prefer those two than Clary and Jace.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg I hope you read Sweetie soon! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that Katniss and Will would be great together. Ooh yes, Jem and Hermione could always sigh together about being the only sensible and non-reckless ones in a trio πŸ˜‚

      I would prefer Clary with anyone other than Jace. Half of my problem with that girl is that her whole world revolves around the bad boy πŸ˜‘

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  3. omg this post brought back so many of my RIP It or Ship It Book Tag memories! What a god tier tag—I might have to attempt it myself in the future, haha! Also, Lara Jean and Sweetie would be amazing??? Lmao, I haven’t even read There’s Something About Sweetie, but from what I’ve heard LJ and Sweetie would be so perfect for each other, ahhh. That would be such a ~soft~ ship, and imagining the plot of TATBILB but with Sweetie as Peter K is making me go πŸ₯Ί

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  4. PLEASE WRITE LARA JEAN AND SWEETIE FANFICTION CHARVI PLEASE (I still haven’t uhhh… read There’s Something About Sweetie… but this concept is too good not to love, and knowing Sandhya Menon’s characters I can just see it being perfect)
    And hggfhgfhgjfg I mean Percabeth for life but that said Annabeth and Clary WOULD be really cute… I’m also totally here for Isabelle and Peter πŸ‘€

    Liked by 1 person


      For some reason nobody has read Sweetie and yet they all seem to love this idea πŸ˜‚ Now go read Sweetie!!

      Yeah, I’m glad you agree! Gah, if I weren’t so busy I would write fanfictions for all three of these couples. YOU’RE TEMPTING ME TOO MUCH, IRIS!

      Liked by 1 person

      • PLEASE DO

        And ahhhhhh I NEED to read Sweetie, but last time I checked it was still too new to interlibrary loan (which is how I usually get my books). I think I might be able to by now tho πŸ‘€ Gonna go check rn πŸ‘€


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