Authors I’m Taking Away From My First Semester

Hi everyone!

I’m back with a fresh and interesting post, now that I’m officially done with my first semester of university 🙂 Finals were intense but I’m pretty proud of the papers I submitted and I’m really looking forward to all the blogging and reading I’ll get done in the holidays. My first semester was exciting and it had its ups and downs. I’m definitely taking a lot of knowledge and information from it but that’s not the only thing I’m taking back…

I took two literature courses this semester which meant I had my hands full with some required reading. I won’t lie, I was pretty disappointed with one of these courses while the other one exceeded any expectations I held. But whichever way I felt about the courses, both of them left me with some great books and excellent authors who I am super grateful to have discovered.

So I decided why not talk about it on my blog and let people know that you can actually get some pretty good stuff from required reading!


Authors I’m Taking Away From My First Semester

1. Mary Shelley

I read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley for my course and was absolutely blown away by it! It being a classic I didn’t expect much out of it. Despite there being so much buzz about it I actually had no idea what Frankenstein was about except that there was a green monster involved and that the book was in the horror genre. Not the aspects that I usually look forward to in a book. But Shelley’s writing style really drew me in and she spun a brilliant story a horror novel in a different aspect. I absolutely loved it.

Now I’ve gone to Goodreads and added ever book she has written because I’m obsessed. Also, I wasn’t aware that she broke the ground for women by writing horror/science-fiction so yay for that!

2. Ismat Chughtai

I read the very famous and controversial story, The Quilt by Ismat Chughtai and was instantly taken in by the way she wrote the story, subtly including such scandalous aspects and weaving it together in a beautiful manner. I was so in love that I went ahead and issued a book from the library which contained some short stories by her. As it is with short story compilations and anthologies, I had some mixed opinions but I found most of the stories to be as wonderful as The Quilt.

3. Toni Morrison

I’ve heard about Toni Morrison countless times and now I’m only sad that I didn’t pick up her books earlier. To be fair, her books don’t really fall under my genre radar and yet her compelling writing style and the stories she tells makes it impossible not to fall in love with her writing. I read The Bluest Eye for my course and it truly touched me in so many ways. I’m very eager to read the rest of her books too!

4. Elie Wiesel

This might be a bit unusual for me but I absolutely love all sorts of Holocaust literature, with my favourite being Diary of a Young Girl that I read years ago (unabridged) and slowly fell in love. I remember my mother imposing it on me because she knew I would never pick it up on my own account but somewhere between the beginning and the end I went from hating it because my mother chose it for me to holding it close to my heart.

Night by Elie Wiesel had a similar effect on me. I picked it up and finished it in one night, crying buckets of tears as I read because that’s what I am like. Imagine my delight when I found out that Night is the first of a trilogy!

It’s an amazing and poignant book that I would recommend to everyone.

So that’s a wrap on my first semester and the books and authors I’m taking away from it. I’ll probably have only one literature course next semester but my university is heavy on readings in general so maybe I’ll come across even greater authors next semester 🙂


Have you ever come across great books or authors in your university or school courses? If so, which one?

Have you read any of the authors I mentioned in this post? How did you encounter them?

If you were or are in university did you take any literature courses? How were they?


10 thoughts on “Authors I’m Taking Away From My First Semester

  1. last fall Frankenstein for a college class (“Personal Identity in Philosophy & Pop Culture”) and honestly I didn’t like it much; Mary Shelley and this book have so much historical significance though, so I’m glad that I did finally read it. and a few years before that, I read Toni Morrison’s Beloved for a high school English class – it wasn’t my cup of tea either, though I’ve been meaning to give her other books a try.

    as a pharmacy major I actually haven’t taken any university literature classes, unless you count a 1-credit freshman seminar about banned books and censorship (we read The Handmaid’s Tale; I prefer the Hulu series, but I did check out The Testaments from my library), which is honestly disappointing since English always was my best subject.

    but I did find a few new favorites in high school English classes: Mary Oliver (AP Language & Composition), The Things They Carried (English Honors, junior year), and Cyrano de Bergerac (freshman year).

    it’s always fantastic to fall in love with a book/author you’re reading for class, and I’m glad you’ve managed to find 5 just in your first semester!

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