Rihanna Book Tag

Do I love music?


Am I as caught up with English pop culture as I should be?

Absolutely not.


To be fair, I’m not caught up with much of the Indian cinema either and well when it comes to Indian music, it’s what I was raised on. Recently though, Bollywood is churning out some trashy songs and I’ve been turning more and more to English music.

But I still have to say, and I’m kinda embarrassed to say this, I’m not fully caught up on either Rihanna or Beyonce’s music. I’M SORRY!

I’ll binge-watch their music videos someday but today is not that day. Today is the day I attempt to do the Rihanna Book Tag because I know enough of books to do that tag and I was tagged by the creator at Me Myself and Books, thank you for the tag 🙂


1. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN: a book you wish you had read sooner

I would say The Chronicles of Narnia. I read them back in 9th or 10th grade and while I did like the series I wished 12 or 14-year-old me had discovered those stories because she would have fallen in love with and obsessed over Narnia.

2. WILD THOUGHTS: A a couple who when they are together have wild thoughts

I mean Jace and Clary from The Mortal Instruments are pretty reckless with a wish to die on their own but when combined together they go totally wild and make some of the most stupid and crazy decisions ever

3. THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR: one thing that makes you read a book

There are so many things! I mean if it features an LGBTQ character it’s probably on my list but one thing that makes me definitely pick up a book are the words ‘psychology’ and ‘psychological thriller’.

Take all my money, just give me the book.

4. WHAT NOW: a book that makes you question what now


I am so freaking destroyed as I scream into the void after that ending that tore me apart. And nobody even has a clue whether there is going to be a sequel or not so I just lie on my back at nights, staring at my ceiling and wondering what’s going to happen now.

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5. WE FOUND LOVE: a couple that found love in a hopeless place

I mean, the most hopeless place for anyone to find love has to be The Hunger Games, right? I don’t really ship Katniss and Peeta but yeah they do get the award for finding love in the most hopeless place to be written.

6. HATE THAT I LOVE YOU: a hate to love romance/friendship

There are so many good ones but my top two have to be Simon and Baz from Carry On and Alex and Henry from Red, White & Royal Blue.

Simon and Baz are just amazing because Baz is the snarkiest teen ever and Simon is this pure ball of fluff who has no idea how deep in love he is with Baz. I shall never get over that jeans scene. Ever.

And oh my god Alex and Henry are a dream pair! They’re just…perfect. That’s all I have to say.

7. CAN’T REMEMBER TO FORGET YOU: a character that needs to forget another character romantically or platonically

I feel like I keep forgetting books because I’ve blanked out and can’t really think of any book or character.

8. STAY: a character that you want to stay

Hi, I just need Percy and Nico and Annabeth and Hazel and like 90% of the characters in the PJO and HOO series to forever stay with me.

And I’m going to tag:

Clo @Cuppa Clo

Shruti @This Is Lit

Ahana @Heart’s Content

Oh and if you really want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged!


Are you a Rihanna fan?

What did you think about this tag?

In general, what do you think of tag posts on my blog? Should I continue doing them or do they annoy you?


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