Interview with Author Abbie Emmons

Hello everyone!

I’ve been so excited about this post because today I’m interviewing one of my new favourite author and writer, Abbie Emmons for her book 100 Days Of Sunlight. If you follow me on social media you might have seen me sob and yell about this book back when it came out. I absolutely loved the way it made my eyes run dry from crying too much. That said, it’s still a fun and motivational book with beautiful characters.

So without further ado, let’s give it up for Abbie!


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1. Hello Abbie! There might be some people here who haven’t heard of your book before (despite me shouting about it at the top of my voice). Can you describe 100 Days Of Sunlight in 5 words for them?

Overcoming challenges and finding happiness!


2. Ooh that’s pretty on spot. Now, what were your initial thoughts while writing 100 Days Of Sunlight, back when you didn’t even know that it would be published?

I was so inspired to write 100 Days. It felt like a fire burning inside of me, one that I simply HAD to do something with. I think it’s like that with all inspired stories – you simply have to write them because they are overflowing in your heart.


3. I feel like that fire gets reflected in all your readers’ intense passion regarding this book too 🙂 One of my favorite things when it comes to books is characters. Which character in this book, including all the side-characters, did you enjoy writing about the most and why?

I loved writing all the characters because each one had their own unique personality and something special to bring to the story. But I would have to say my ultimate favorite to write was Weston. (Shocker, right? haha) I loved this personality, attitude, and of course his fabulous sense of humor. His journey was super emotional to write, and I’m just kind of in love with his character. 


4. I aspire to have a charming personality like Weston’s too! He made me laugh at him and then cry and just- every emotion ever. I love that 100  Days Of Sunlight has such a different mix of scenes that make you cry, laugh and coo over the characters. Which scenes were your most and least favourite to write?

I loved writing pretty much every single scene in this book. Everything flowed out of me so naturally and it never felt like a struggle to tell this story. Some of my favorite scenes to write were the moments between Weston and his brothers. Also, the scene where Rudy visits Weston in the hospital – that is probably my all-time favorite scene in the book. 


5. I absolutely loved the scenes with Weston’s brothers! I wish we could have seen more of them. But for now, I want to ask, if you could suggest a movie for readers of 100 Days Of Sunlight, one with similar themes as your book which would it be?

Oooh that’s a good question. Probably Wonder! I love that book and the movie is so true to the book – it’s full of positive and uplifting themes about kindness, overcoming challenges, and being yourself. 🙂


6. I swear both the book and movie Wonder have been on my to-read and to-watch list for the longest time and now you’ve got me even more excited! But coming back to your book, was it very difficult to write characters with handicaps? Where did you draw the inspiration to write about the emotional journey Tessa and Weston went through?

Surprisingly, no; it wasn’t very difficult. I did a lot of research before, during, and after writing this book. I drew a lot of inspiration from bloggers and vloggers who have gone through similar experiences – I wanted to accurately portray Tessa and Weston’s disabilities, while still letting them have their own unique experiences. 

As for their emotional journeys, I wanted to tell a story about courage and love – overcoming whatever challenges life throws at you. No matter how weak you feel, you are stronger than you know; you are strong enough to get back up. 


7. That’s one of the best messages that I  took away from this book 🙂

100 Days Of Sunlight really touched my heart and made me cry so many times! Did you ever get teary-eyed while writing it?

Aw, thank you so much! That means the world to me. I did get rather teary-eyed while writing this book (okay, I was full-on crying at times.) Particularly while writing Weston’s backstory and also the end scene! I feel my characters’ emotions so deeply, it really has an impact on me while writing. 


8. Hehe, I’m glad to hear that you shed about as many tears, if not more than we did. A good book has many themes, as is the case with 100 Days Of Sunlight. Which of the themes in this book is the closest to your heart?

I love this question! The theme that’s closest to my heart is this idea of finding your own courage and strength in moments of pain and struggle. I believe we are all so much stronger and braver than we realize, and sometimes all we need is a little reminder that says “Yes, you are strong. When life knocks you down, you can get back up.” Weston is this reminder for Tessa in the book – and I hope 100 Days of Sunlight will be that reminder for anyone who reads it. 


9. Any time I need that reminder, I’ll definitely go back to this book! Let’s talk about publishing. What has been the most exciting part of writing and publishing your book so far?

Seeing readers love it! Getting messages like yours that you loved the book – these messages never ceases to put a big smile on my face and totally brighten my day!! Every part of the publishing journey has been exciting but seeing readers love the book is definitely the most rewarding and wonderful part 🙂


10. Aww, I’m sure those messages will never cease to pop into your inboxes. And lastly, would you ever write a sequel to 100 Days Of Sunlight? I know it has only been like 6 months since this book came out but I would honestly kill to read more about Tessa and Weston.

Right now I feel like I’ve told Tessa and Weston’s story – and I like to let readers imagine the rest of their happily-ever-after. But I’m a big believer in the phrase: “never say never!” so we’ll see 😉


I shall be desperately hanging on to that hope then!



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  1. ….I don’t think I’ve seen you shriek about this book?! Where was I when you were?! Never mind that lemme just waddle on over and shove this book on the TBR because wow, it sounds amazing and I love this interview so much Charvi! ❤

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