Welcome to Not Just Fiction 2.0

Hello there!

This is still me, Charvi, furiously typing away at her laptop in excitement. At this point, some of you maybe just staring at your screens and wondering if you’re on the right site. Yes, you are. What you’re looking at is what I’ve started calling Not Just Fiction 2.0

This is what my blog looks like after a complete revamp that I’ve been working on since the beginning of time, and I am super psyched that you all finally get to see it!


Let me quickly add that if you’ve noticed the lack of posts on my blog lately, I’m extremely sorry for this unplanned hiatus. I just started university and the workload hit me square in the face and squashed me flat like a pancake. It also took me way more time than I anticipated to get these new graphics going but I think I’m pretty much on track now πŸ™‚

This post is going to be quite brief as I go ahead and tell you all about everything that has changed and what all I have planned for my blog in the future.

The most visible change so far has probably been the theme change, one that truly had me pulling out all my hair and sobbing in frustration. I decided to do a change of theme because I was getting a little bored of it and I wasn’t entirely happy with the lack of a blog banner and the way the header images of the posts were displayed. This feels more simple and aesthetic as well as easy to navigate.

But god only knows the amount of time I’ve spent setting and resetting and deleting widgets in the various side and footer bars to get the perfect look. But by far the main obstacle in my revamp journey, one that almost had me give up the idea itself, was the freaking banner. The current banner is in no way near what I had been planning. I had designed a beautiful banner ages ago with the correct proportions in mind only to find out that the stubborn banner refused to cooperate with any of the themes I liked. I don’t even have words to express this but let’s just say I tried every freaking thing possible and nothing worked.

Now every time I see my design of the banner I can’t even appreciate it’s beauty, I’m just instantly flooded with memories of those daunting and seeming endless hours of me, the laptop and the stubborn banner. Yes, that’s its name now. Anyway, I ultimately settled on my current banner because I knew I wanted a pastel theme and this just seemed to fit perfectly. I then changed my blogger picture and messed around with some fonts as well as the flower line breaker banners (is that what they’re called?). The line breakers are the ones to be blamed for this delay. Ideally, this post would have gone up at the beginning of September.

The beginning of September.

Next time I need to change anything regarding graphics I’m just gonna do it and like not go on a hiatus.



Apart from the obvious visual changes there’s also going to be some changes and addition in the content on my blog. I’ll leave it to you to figure out some of the smaller ways in which my blog posts may be different but the major change is that I’m also going to start talking about a few topics other than books on my blog.

No, now is not the time to unsubscribe.

There’s gonna be tons of bookish content because if you crack my head open it will be filled with books, okay? There’s no changing that. But I’m also a person who loves talking about mental health and psychology and a few other topics and I really want my blog to reflect who I am and that’s not possible if I restrict myself. I also feel that it would be on brand for my blog since now it’s not gonna be just about fictional stuff but other pieces of my soul as well. You know, not just fiction. Hehe.

I’m also going to start using templates to save time, something I don’t seem to have enough of these days. Uni is hectic.

So yeah this post is basically here to letr you know that there are going to be some changes but at its core, my blog will pretty much reflect the same values. I’ll also be posting more consistently now so yaay for that!


What do you think of the new theme?

Are you excited about all the different and new content?

Have you caught up with all of my old posts? If not you need to get onto that right now! Also, let me know what’s been up with you all because I’m way behind on blog hopping and I absolutely miss knowing what’s happening in the community 😦1566177768525












14 thoughts on “Welcome to Not Just Fiction 2.0

  1. Ooh, your blog looks super amazing 😍 And let’s just not think about unannounced hiatuses. It’s a common side effect of entering university πŸ˜‚ Of course I’m not unsubscribing LOL because all this boolish content can not be missed πŸ’•

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  2. Aaaaaah look at the pretty pastels *swoons* I’m so excited to see what new content you’ll be bringing out for us eeeeek canny wait ❀ Also I hear ya on the whole stubborn graphics side, it's legit a pain in the ass sometimes. Hope uni is going ok for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my god it’s so pretty !!
    I love your new design soso much!! 😍

    Also, I do think branching out a little on our topics do wonders ! I don’t quite like the idea of restricting ourself to ONLY some topics, as it doesn’t help much for the pleasure of blogging, I find. Mental health & Psychology is things that I do enjoy myself, so i’m quite eager to see what you’ll write ! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Kristina!!❀️❀️❀️
      I’m so glad to hear that! I like voicing my opinions about such stuff but they just get lost on social media, I want them to be somewhere more permanent, like my blog ☺️

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