Mid-Year Statistics 2019

If any of you aren’t aware that I’m a crazy Type-A Personality with a love for lists and pie charts and statistics of any kind then you’re about to.

Everyone has been doing these mid-year freakout tags but I wanted to do something different mainly because all those questions keep asking you about your favourites and making you choose which makes me highly anxious and scream in distress.


So instead I’m just going to come at you all with half-yearly statistics and updates πŸ™‚


My Goodreads goal:

100 books

Number of books read:

60 books

I am 7 freaking books ahead of my goal so yaay!!!

Number of pages read:

16,137 pages

Genres read:

Genre graph.png

I’m pretty happy to see that I read from a very diverse pool of genres! As expected YA books occupy a good chunk and the only reason Action books have a good percentage here is because I was re-reading the Alex Rider series. The Other category includes book that fell in multiple categories or books I was unable to assign a category to as well as the books I DNFed.

Number of books I bought:


I exercised Herculean control this year and I’m very proud of myself πŸ™‚

My star ratings:

Rating graph.png

I’ve had a pretty great reading year so far with tons of good reads and only the occasional 2.5 or 3 star ratings and hopefully it continues this way throughout the year.

Books by release:

Release graph.png

And now let’s get a mid-year update on my yearly reading challenges!



There are so many levels to YARC 2019 challenge and I have settled for the adorable Giant Panda which means that I’m aiming to read 31 – 40 books. Not going to lie, this was kind of a scary goal but I’ve ended up reading 20 asian books so far which is way more than I thought I had! I might even end up raising my level to the Asian Elephant later πŸ™‚



This challenge is turning out to be slightly harder that I thought it would be even though I’ve checked off most of the prompts in the list. Currently my status is 17/24 books which is pretty great but for most of the prompts that are left I shall have to actively go and search for books which may or may not be on my TBR.



I’ve successfully passed the number of backlist books that I had aimed to read which was 25 books πŸ™‚

I’ve realised that I read way more backlist books than new releases and am increasing my goal to 60 books. I currently stand at 38 books so I’m already past the half-way mark!

And that’s all the stats I have for you today! I had a great time writing up this post and I hope by the time December 31st rolls on I’ll have completed all these lovely challenges. See you next year with another statistics post πŸ™‚

How did you like this post? Are you a fan of statistic? Tell me about the reading challenges you’re participating in and how far along are you? Are you happy with your overall half-yearly statistics?

15 thoughts on “Mid-Year Statistics 2019

  1. Wow that’s a very very diverse list of genres… Awesome!!!! I have to try so hard to even think of something outside fantasy or romance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Good luck for the rest of the year and hope you achieve all your goals..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    And the graphs are beautiful… I just love the colors 😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re doing amazing Charvi! Congrats! ❀
    I'm taking part of the YARC this year too and I'm also aiming for the Giant Panda badge. Unfortunately, I'm not reaching my goal as fast as I'd like but, hopefully, I'll turn things around in the coming months.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh wow! Love that you’re ahead on all of your challenges! I aim VERY low for the few challenges I sign up for – my Goodreads goal this year was 5 books, and I’ve read 15 so far. My YARC goal is the lowest, 10 books, and I’ve read 6? 7? (I actually am not 100% one of the books counts towards this?) so far. So I’m on track! Lol.

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  4. Aaaah look at all these pretteh stats *drools* Congrats on doing so well with all your challenges, so proud of you hehe. I actually didn’t bother with erm reading challenges this year just because I started the year in a slump and whilst June was a great reading month, I’m still warily treading the line of slump atm which sucks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • *swats Clo*
      Don’t drool all over my pie charts!
      THANK YOUU!!! Oof yes I know, slumps are so freaking rude! It’s okay Clo, you shall get through this ❀


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