Books That Make Temperatures Rise

I’m bouncing up and down with excitement now that I finally get to tell you all, Bookending Summer is officially here! Bookending Summer has a vague theme of Ocean, Beach, Vacations, Contemporaries (you know…Summer) and aims to bring the book blogging community together and is hosted by two of my friends Clo and Sam.

There’s still time to check it out if you are interested to join in 🙂




What are some books that make you hot headed with anger? List down some books that manage to get on your nerves for some reason or the other.


That’s right, it’s time to let off some steam and rant about those books that piss me off or just gave me a massive headache with all the crappy writing, characters or plot-lines







1. Rafferty Lincoln Loves…


Oh my god this was such a disaster read! I got it in exchange for an honest review and from the very beginning I had a feeling that I wouldn’t like it. This book was a huge mess and the plot revolved around a horse which could have gone well but there was literally nothing moving the plot forward? The main girls in this book were treated horribly plus both Rafferty and Liberty ignored it when their so called best friend was being physically abused like what the hell? In conclusion: a chaotic mess.


2. Sugar Lump


This book started off fine but barely a quarter in things got…strange. To start off the main character was the biggest idiot I have ever seen. The whole town was suspiciously nice to her and it was obvious to any freaking creature that some huge secret thing was going on but our MC had no idea. Everything was so rushed and yet nothing really happened in the book? And somehow I still have loads of unanswered questions. The ending was especially horrible, maybe it would have redeemed the book but it only brought it down further.



3. The Sky Is Everywhere


While I loved I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson, this book was a huge no from my side. The thing that put me off the most, and which should definitely trouble other readers as well, is that the book is about two sisters, one of whom dies and the other immediately gets together with her dead sister’s boyfriend. I was cringing so hard throughout the book that I had to give it up. Who does that? And what are you encouraging teen to do? Any boy is game, even if he was in love with your dead sister?!!

4. Ember Burning


I could honestly write an essay on the number of problems this book had but I’ll try to summarize. Ember was the supreme idiot of the universe- an unstable girl who made all the foolish decisions knowing their consequences and falls in love within seconds. Also her love interest Tre? That guy had zero personality, he was a total paper character. The plot was slightly interesting but everything was so freaking disjointed and unclear. The ending while intriguing was very rushed and left things unclear. I might have picked up the second book but the thought of just reading about Ember makes me shudder so no thank you. Can’t stand her for another book.

5. Nature Poem


Without no doubt this is the crappiest poetry book I have come across, infact it barely qualifies as poetry. The entire book was almost completely written in texting language using absurd abbreviations every place possible. You’re writing a book for heaven’s sake!! The writing also felt completely disjointed and while the themes the poet tried to pick were appreciable he failed to do them justice. The only good thing was that this was a very short read so my suffering was short-lived.




Okay. it felt really good to rant it all out, I’m pretty relaxed now. I’m a person who is usually easily pleased and entertained with the books she reads and for me to give a book lower than 3 stars is the rarest thing ever yet somehow in their own ways, these books managed to trigger me. But it’s all good, if a few bad books is the price I have to pay for hundred of beautiful books I shall gladly do that.


What are your thoughts on this post? Do you love any of the books I mentioned or are they still on your TBR? What are some books that make your temperatures rise? Write your own post on this prompt and let off some steam, trust me, you’ll feel a lot better 🙂

27 thoughts on “Books That Make Temperatures Rise

  1. The book I’ve read recently that made me mad was Golden Child by Claire Adam. The dad in that book was the worst and his actions prevented me from enjoying the book.
    Great post and a great kickoff to Bookending Summer!

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  2. I think I’ve heard of Sugar Lump briefly but I’ve not read it. Paper Town I could quite happily rant about, just…WHY to pretty much everything Q does and his friends are useless. Anyhoo love this first prompt and I can’t wait for your next eeeeeek! Thank you so much for hosting ❤

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  3. I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned and I usually dnf books if they aren’t worth reading. I have done this prompt and linked you. Great post!!

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      • I thought that it was a really interesting premise and world but the world seemed so small. And it felt as if she were making things up on the fly in my opinion 😂 I also don’t see the point of the educated ones being the super evil ones…nor did I see the point of dauntless like what are they meant to do? They’re certainly not police and make quite a bad military force 😂 and why only four typical factions? And why was Tris so utterly useless?? Whyyyyyy


  4. I haven’t read any of these, and I have no plans to, thank goodness. The book that makes me the maddest is ACOTAR bc the “romance” is so toxic and gross and URGH. And then there was this awful book that I read for book club called The Flying Troutmans and the whole thing was just so ridiculous and I hated all the characters and also it had no! quotation! marks! which made it really hard to read.

    and also um,,, *hides face in shame* the books my brother writes because I have to read them and he doesn’t understand the concept of editing. and also everyone is either good or evil and there’s no in between and I feel reeeeeally bad, but they make me want to SCREAM

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    • Oh that’s good for you! Oof yes, idk for me it’s less about toxic but more about the fact that I thought it was really YA when it’s NA?
      I was NOT ready to read those sexy scenes it had… they made me rather uncomfortable.

      NO QUOTATION MARKS? Sounds like hell.

      Awww how old is your brother? Maybe you could slowly nudge him towards the right way?

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      • Yeah, I wasn’t really bothered by how graphic they were (I think I was braced for worse tbh), but I didn’t really think most of it was consensual, which made me mad.


        He’s 14, and very slowly improving, but I just,,, really don’t want to read them until he’s embraced the concept of editing, but I haven’t been given much choice

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