2020 Releases For Which I Shall Steal A Time Machine

I’ve been seeing all my bookish friends getting all hot and bothered for some of the 2019 release coming in the second half of this year and sure, I’m pretty excited for them too. But am I the only one who spends most of their time day-dreaming about 2020 releases?

Like no I don’t want to leave 2019 I just want these 2020 release in my hand, right now.

Guess it’s time to steal a time machine…



HENNA WARS by Adiba Jaigirdar

I gasped the moment I read this pitch for Henna Wars – a rom-com about two teen girls with rival henna businesses who fall in love. You all say henna and I’m in. For anything. Plus it’s f/f. And it’s pitched as When Dimple Met Rishi meets Simon vs the Homo Sapien Agenda. HOW CAN I NOT BE SCREAMING AND CRYING?!?!!?


And of course we have Sandhya Menon publishing her new fairytale retelling series, the first book being Of Curses and Kisses. I mean can Sandhya get any more perfect? I already love all her soft and happy books and now she’s off exploring fantasy and that too my absolute favourite, fairytale retellings? Sign me the hell up!

I’ve also heard that the samplers were distributed at Book Con and I’m honestly so jealous I want to fly where to where Sandhya lives and get me one of those samplers.

INFINITY SON by Adam Silvera

I feel like I’ve been watching Adam Silvera draft and write and finish Infinity Son since forever now. He kept everyone updated on Twitter with his hashtag Phoenix Rising for his first fantasy novel and I’m really looking forward to see how Adam finds a way to break our hearts in the fantasy genre.

YES NO MAYBE SO by Aisha Saeed and Becky Albertalli

I remember screaming when I heard about Yes No Maybe So because it’s co-written by two of my favourite authors: Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed! I’m so freaking excited to read about this cross-cultural romance with the two main characters being shoved together awkwardly.

HARLEY IN THE SKY by Akemi Dawn Bowman

And last but not the least we have Harley In The Sky about a girl who betrays her family by joining a rival travelling circus to become a trapeze artist and gets thrust into a beautiful yet brutal world. First off, I’m a huge fan of Akemi and secondly give me any circus book and I’ll lap it up like a greedy dog! Thankfully I am part of the street team for Harley In The Sky which means I’ll get to read the ARC soon!

Also this is the only 2020 release whose cover has been revealed so feast your eyes on this stunning masterpiece!


“I love the circus. I love the mystery, and the wonder, and the way every act transports my soul into another dimension. I love the way it makes me feel as if the world is in reverse and upside down all at onceβ€”like there’s starlight beneath my feet and the ocean above my head, and every impossible dream can come true with a single whisper.”

Real question though, who’s helping me with that time machine?

If you haven’t heard of these 2020 releases please go add them to your TBR now! If you do know of them which one are you most anticipated for? Tell me about any other 2020 releases that I may have missed and I’ll add it to my TBR πŸ™‚

29 thoughts on “2020 Releases For Which I Shall Steal A Time Machine

  1. hello I NEED Infinity Son and Yes No Maybe So RIGHT NOW. I am SO IMPATIENT. And ahhh I’m soooo excited for Harley in the Sky too! And why was Henna Wars not on my tbr before now??? I’d vaguely heard of it but? I had? no clue? what it was about? and it sounds amazing?

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    • SAME SAME SAME, SOMEBODY GET THE TIME MACHINE. Oof I’ve seen fan art that I cannot share but also cannot stop drooling over 😍 Henna Wars is going to steal my heart, I KNOW IT

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  2. I will help with the time machine…by…providing snacks for those who build it as I’m completely useless. I can’t wait for us to read Harley in the Sky!!! And I’m so happy we’re on the team together, but….WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF HENNA WARS? THIS SOUNDS AMAZING…I need to go put it on my tbr

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  3. I’m helping with the time machine, but we need to go to September 2020 so I can get the new Jay Kristoff vampire book. Also by then Hollowpox, A Heart So Fierce and Broken and all the 2019 books I want would be out.

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  4. dang Charvi, you’re so far ahead that you’re looking at 2020 releases already?? I can barely keep up with what’s coming out the next month!

    but surprisingly, I have actually heard about most of these, so I guess I’m following the right people πŸ˜‰ I love circus books, so definitely really excited for Harley in the Sky, and Adam Silvera’s upcoming fantasy novel gets a HECK YES I NEED IT from me!

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    • Hehe I’m just somehow more excited for the 2020 releases rather than 2019 ones? 😜

      Oof yes go add all of these to your TBR! YES YES YES WE STAN ADMA SILVERA IN THIS HOUSE 😍

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  5. Ah 2020…honestly I’m still catching up from 2014 releases to current releases and then somehow I find books published back in the early 2000’s and this is why I can’t have nice things. I spend so much time dusting off old gems that new sparkly gems become dusty gems before I get to them. Although I am intrigued by Sandhya Menon’s new book for next year… (your shrieking makes me want to read everything by her even more, even though I’ve already read two of her books…must read all xD)

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    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I totally get it.
      I always get super excited for new releases but end up reading backlist books πŸ‘€ It’s such a constant problem, there is no time 😐 YES YES, MUST READ ALL, I SHALL SHRIEK TILL YOUR EARDRUMS COLLAPSE

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