How A Bookdragon Is Born

Hush, you must be very quiet because I’m about to reveal a top secret that has been treasured by the bookish community for centuries. Or maybe years, but let’s say centuries because that sounds way cooler.


I see quite a crowd here so I’m assuming almost all of you know what a bookdragon is but for the benefit of the newbies I’ll give a quick explanation. Urban dictionary says that bookdragons are people who are not just bookworms but consume books so vigorously that their lives depend on it. Because calling us mere book worms is the gravest insult that there could be.

Now that we’re all on the same page I shall reveal why we’re all here- to know how a bookdragon is born. Hold on tight to your books, here we go!


We can’t really say exactly when the whole process starts but experiments led by book loving scientists have led us to believe that the first few symptoms are when a person starts feeling a little lost and finds themselves to be day-dreaming. Dreams may be regarding books and they might find themselves getting lost while thinking what happens next. Vision becomes rather hazy and distorted but sharpens immediately when they are in close distance of a book. May develop an eerie ability to spot a book from miles away.


Soon they began to whisper and talk to themselves about unending things like failed plotlines or making speculations about the book or maybe even reprimanding the characters of their actions and behaviors. Even through closed doors they can be heard screaming about the deaths of their favourite characters or about particularly unforeseeable plot twists. Other sounds that may be heard include sobbing or wailing noises and squealing over OTPs and shenanigans of the characters.

Then comes a stage where the person has lost all sense of hearing except for book related words. If you so much as whisper the name of their favourite book from the other end of the room they’ll jump on you within seconds. But keep yelling in their ear about the laundry and you’ll get no response. They will forever have their nose in a book, it is advised not to try and snatch away the book or you may face unending growling and hissing.

And then comes the final stage when the transformation is fully complete. The bookdragon’s entire time is consumed by fandoms, book twitter, taking pictures of books and reading books, of course. Try taking away their books or digital devices and they’ll breathe fire down on you, reducing your existence to ash and smithereens.

giphy (2).gif

So I hope you’ve all learned a lot, you will soon be well off on your transformations to book dragons if you aren’t already. It’s a wonderful journey you shall cherish, especially the end because aren’t we book dragons superior than everyone else?

Okay I’ve been away from a book for far too long so I got to go. Bye fellow and future book dragons!

Are you a book dragon or are you yet to go through this transformation? What are your thoughts on it? Which stage do you find the most interesting or memorable? If you have friends you are book lovers go educate them on becoming a book dragon!

22 thoughts on “How A Bookdragon Is Born

    • Hehehe thank you, Isabelle! I’m always trying to up my gif game 😁

      Oof I totally relate to that, can’t wait for you to unlock your full potential!!! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is such the perfect post !! πŸ‘€ Way to go into sharing that knowledge to newbies! (super humoristic too ! loved it!)

    To be quite frank .. I don’t think i’m at that level yet xD my transformation isn’t that completed ahah I’d be at the second stage where you can find me screaming at my books ithink ahaha (yet i’m not quite sure.. hard to pinpoint it!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! Haha yes somebody must let the newbies know, so I volunteered.

      Oof it’s okay, we’re here to give you time and completely emerge as a bookdragon and flourish. You can do it!!!

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  2. This post was the best, I loved it. I actually refer to myself as a book anaconda – something my cousins coined when we were kids because they said worms didn’t accurately describe just how much I devoured the books in my path, but dragons are also cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I feel like going to burn down some houses and hoard a pile of books. Does this make me a book dragon? Haha I loved this post it was so adorable, it makes me want to send you cookies. It was totally accurate, we can detect books from miles away, it’s a gift and a curse

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  4. hehe loved this post ❀

    I unlocked my book dragon form back in 2016 I think when I decided to identify as a bookdragon instead of a bookworm sooooo *swishes tail* Like honestly my dad sometimes brings up how in the future we're going to be stream lining down the things we own so we have more room. Which is when he reminds me about Kindles…and I remind him that I'm not letting go of any of my books because they're mine. I bought them. They make me happy. A kindle with a ton of eBooks on just…it doesn't fill me with the same sense of joy only dread because more screen time would be needed. So i have to restrain my inner bookdragon haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe I love your tail

      Oof yes the pleasure of looking at your board of physical books can never be compared to your ebook collection! I mean aesthetics plus that bookish smell 😍😍😍

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