How I Met My Bookish Friends

Let me start off by reminding you all that I have the memory of a goldfish. When it comes to book related stuff I do tend to have a better memory but it is nowhere near as good as a memory that people normally have.

But the point is that I do have some vivid and beautiful memories of how I met some of my wonderful bookish friends. It honestly surprises me too so I decided why not make a blog post out of this as a sort of ode to our friendship?

Also I really need to write these down somewhere because a few months or years down the line I might forget all of this like the terrible goldfish I am.

awkward smile.gif

Ahem, this is a mini disclaimer that I’m talking about only a couple of my friends in this post because firstly, as I said I have a horrible memory hence I cannot be entrusted to remember the beginning of every friendship and secondly, most of my bookish friends were formed when my introverted self refused to talk to them and just complimented their content before they gradually acknowledged me and we sort of became friends? I’m an awkward bean and there is no curing me.

Okay but let’s start with one of my first bookish friend ever.

I had just started blogging and set up a shiny new bookish twitter when I came across Aditi who was incredibly sweet to me and very supportive of my blog. So I went to check out her blog and was amazed by how pretty it is and the funny content she writes. But then I found out she is actually a couple years younger than me and my brain literally exploded. I remember thinking how incredible it was that this smol teen was managing her studies and blog so well(I was a teen too but Aditi was just more smaller) and I felt like I needed to learn so much from her and I just decided that we would be friends. And we’ve been friends since then. Lately though poor Aditi has disappeared into the void of school and no amount of insistent yelling seems to bring her back.


Soon after that I met Nandini through the New Bloggers discord group that Evelina had formed. Here’s a little shout out to Evelina because without her wonderful group I definitely wouldn’t have met half of the bookish friends I have today! Anyway, getting back to the story, Nandini and I quickly exchanged Twitters and started chatting and I remember that we talked about a wide variety of topics while discovering that we have freakishly similar tastes and before I knew it my mom said I had been texting for way long. She turned out to be right, we had been texting since two hours. Time does flies! I knew at that moment that something had clicked and I had found a really amazing friend, which turned out to be absolutely true because now I don’t know what I would do without Nandini in my life, she’s my soul sister πŸ™‚

Okay I’m talking about two of my friends together because honestly I feel like the beginnings of my friendship with both Shruti and Simant went somehow like this:

I found their amazing blogs which absolutely blew my mind and made me scream internally in awe. I practically commented on every post and was literally worshiping their blogs when I was surprised by the fact that they both replied to me?? On multiple occasions?? My infant blogger self was in heaven and after that we just gradually started talking on multiple social media platforms and poof, today I’m squealing over Sim’s little baby and organizing readathons with Shruti while laughing at her dark jokes.


Okay so remember back when book twitter was a magical place and the bookish wish tag was going on wherein people were granting each others’ book wishes? That was a heavenly time for me because I got quite a few of my bookish wishes fulfilled and one of them was granted by Kate.

Kate is the sweetest person I’ve ever known and we just had a short chat about which book I wanted as a bookish gift( I chose Autoboyography which is coincidentally the very book that I’m reading right now) and somehow we managed to keep in touch through tweets here and there. And suddenly one day I realised that we’re friends. It is also, extremely coincidentally, Kate’s birthday today πŸ™‚ I hope you get showered with tons of V E Schwab books!


I still can’t believe that I’m typing this but Thya and I have actually known each other for 4 years now! Whohoo! We first met at Wattpad, which is pretty deserted at the moment, and bonded over our love for Percy Jackson and Rick Riordan. When I left Wattpad we kept in touch via Snapchat and Thya’s unused, rotting away twitter account. But then I left Snapchat too and started blogging because of which I started my instagram account where Thya and I found each other again! Nobody can keep us apart πŸ™‚ Since then we’ve constantly been in touch over every social media site I am on. Thya even started blogging and I started a bullet journal recently so now we have even more material to fangirl about! Honestly, this is probably the most committed relationship I have ever been in.

And that’s all I remember because the rest is floating in some kind of a void that my pea-sized memory cannot access. Anyway, this was a different post, very different and unrelated to any of my other posts but I hope you liked it and I hope this puts a smile on my friends’ faces πŸ™‚

Do you mind seeing such content on my blog? Do you remember how all your friendships started or do you have a short term memory like me too? What’s the craziest way you became friends with someone in real life or online? Let’s all share friendship beginnings and try seeing if we can make new friends in the comments below πŸ™‚

39 thoughts on “How I Met My Bookish Friends

  1. Awww you call Aditi a smol teen but that’s exactly what I thought of you! When we first started talking, I was so in awe of you managing both school and your blog and I’m sure I told you that too.

    Also, in addition to commenting on my blog, you randomly DMed me on Twitter to just talk. With no agenda whatsoever. That’s when I realised we were friends. xD ❀️❀️

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  2. omg this is such a sweet post!

    I too have the memory of a goldfish, so I definitely don’t remember how all my friendships started (something I get some grief about when my friends refer to how we met and I just stare at them blankly oops), but I do know how I met my best friend…

    I was at a homeschooling campout, sitting at the campfire with my parents (probably very bored), and this kid walks over and says their brother made himself sick on marshmallows and had to go back to the tent early and they’re lonely (apparently I was the most friendly looking kid their age). We were inseparable all weekend, exchanged emails, and viola, five and half years later we’re still best friends.

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  3. this post is so so cute!! i truly love the book community because everyone is so friendly. honestly, starting my blog, I expected to make no friends because I don’t have a lot of friends in real life lol and I thought that it would be the same on the internet, but i couldn’t have been more wrong! also, thank you so much, because this post gave me a lot of new posts to check out!

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    • Thank you! 😘
      Aww I honestly felt the same, I feel like most of us book bloggers don’t have many irl friends and that just makes it better and we bond more ☺️
      Yaay, I’m so happy that you get to read some wonderful content 😁😁

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  4. Aww, this is so sweet of Charvi πŸ™‚ Wel, I too have a memory of small fish and I don’t remember exactly how I met you 😦 But thanks for reminding. And for me, you were that little teen who was managing school with a blog and all the social media. I was in awe, I remember this. And also how talented you were. I was living in Mohali before my marriage, that’s 4 years ago and I wish I had started blogging that time. We could have met then πŸ˜›
    I am really grateful for my bookish friends, really.. for you all πŸ™‚

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    • Hehe we goldfishes seem to be in abundance…
      Aww thank you so much Sim ❀️
      Okay but stay put in Pune cause my mami lives there are someday we’ll meet 😘

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  5. This is the sweetest post little sis… It’s adorable getting to know how you met all our dearest friends… I was smiling throughout reading this 😊😊😊 And for me, you will always be the smol little teen too, the one who is half my age but can still manage everything efficiently and is so much more knowledgeable than me… Keep up the great job and keep inspiring us all πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

      • Actually not discord… I first followed your blog and we spoke through comments more than an year ago… I was so impressed by you 😊😊😊 Your posts are always special and I love reading them !!!

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  6. honestly same, I don’t remember how I met most of my friends – for IRL friends, it’s probably “we went / go to school together” and for blogging friends it’s mostly through Discord and sometimes Goodreads πŸ˜…

    but it’s definitely such a cool feature of the bookish community, that someone you look up to (whether it’s an author or a “bigger” blogger) can become a friend! these are such sweet stories Charvi, thanks for sharing πŸ’•

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    • Yup, school is how I’ve met all my IRL friends.
      Ah yess I see authors being friends with other bloggers and my heart warms up so freaking much, it’s lovely. Aww I’m so glad you liked the post! :*

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  7. My memory is also garbage, and the only reason why I know how my friends and I met is because they told me how we met. Could they be lying to me? Yes. Would I ever know if they’re telling the truth or not? Haha no.

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  8. Aaaah this is such a cute post Charvi! My memory is pretty short term too, however Kal and I became friends through Blogoween. I feel like that’s the craziest thing purely because if we’d never organised Blogoween, I’d never have met her and now I can’t imagine not having her in my life. Same with Sam, Soph, Cami, Jamsu and so many others. (having said that Soph and I have no idea how we became friends xD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Clo!
      Oh yeah that Blogoween of yours was azinv and all your Bookending Events have made me find new friends as well 😊

      Also ahem I have no idea how we become friends πŸ˜‚

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      • I meannnn I think it was through discord and we kinda just clicked cause we were both teens? I think haha and awww I’m glad the events have let you make new friends hehe ❀

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