How Bloggers Write Their Posts ft. Clo @Book Dragons

I know what you’re thinking, everyone is different and writes differently and blah blah blah.

But when it comes to melting your brain to produce words that make sense and organising them in a coherent and mildly aesthetic way so that people actually read and like it, requires a shit ton of effort. And despite what you may think, writing blog posts requires the same amount of screaming and cursing and crying on everyone’s part. If this is not you then please give me the serum you ingest to reach the amount of perfection that you have.


Ahem, at least that’s what Clo and I think. That’s right, today I’ve got my awesome and hilarious friend Clo @ Book Dragons to talk on this topic with me! Honestly, this post is way overdue. I mean Clo writes such amazingly funny posts and I feel like that is my brand too? Plus hello we’re besties, this was bound to happen! Go check out her wonderful blog and twitter and shower her with all the love 🙂

So let’s begin!


Anything in blue will be Clo and anything in black will be me

On The Sofa With A Cuppa

In Theory
I mean naturally we’re going to be sat on the sofa, comfy and typing away the latest blog post, whilst watching some TV. Candles will be lit and it’ll be a nice calm, peaceful atmosphere. We got all the time in the world to write this post.
In Reality
Ah crap the tea just went everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Now we gotta get up to find something to mop up this mess, what is this trash on the TV? Why isn’t there anything decent on? Candles? I don’t even have any candles anymore, they disappeared for bookstagram shots.

Cocooned In A Fluffy Blanket

In Theory
Ah this is nice and cozy, just finish writing up this post and then I can check out some other posts. *types away*
In Reality
I’m too hot.

*throws blanket off*
Too cold.
*grabs blanket and arranges it back properly*

Now where was I in this post?
*blanket gets tangled around us and we succumb to a nap*

Smoothly As It’s All Planned Out

In Theory
Oh the blog post for today? That post has been scheduled for a week already, yep I already had it planned out. So it was a matter of sitting on down, with a candle lit some music on as I wrote it. Formatted it then scheduled it, so I can focus on posts for next week. It all goes smoothly here.
In Reality
I have half an hour until today’s post needs to go up. It’ll be fine, that’s plenty of time…*rushes to sort things out, sobs quietly somewhere*

Looking for GIFs and Pictures

In Theory
*types what she wants in detail*
*gets quick results within seconds*
Ooh such a wide variety of GIFs to choose from! They’re all exactly what I was looking for, and HD too 🙂 I’m really spoiled for choices.
In Reality
*types what she wants in detail*
What is all this? I asked for ‘no fighting’ and literally all these GIFs are the exact opposite! Ugh.
*scrolls for an eternity*
*finally comes upon a decent GIF*
The quality is shitty but I guess it will have to do.
*GIF never really loads properly*
Oh screw this. I’ll just not use a GIF. Holy shit have I been searching for GIFs since the past hour?

Giving a Post Final Touches

In Theory
Hmm this will take just a few minutes. I’ll realign these pictures, add the tags, make sure I’ve added the links to Goodreads and other sites and just make sure that I’ve scheduled it. That’s right, it’s perfect and ready to go! 🙂
In Reality
This is the freaking fifth time I’m re-aligning the text and graphics, WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME?? Ugh there are so many links and the internet couldn’t go any slower if it tried.
Why me?

Writing Collab Posts (ahem, inspired from true events of this collab)

In Theory
Ooh I’m super excited for this, I’m going to start right away!
*drafts the whole thing in one sitting*
*co-blogger drafts side by side*
*both virtually hi-five*
In Reality
*has intermittent discussion with co blogger because timezones are RUDE*
*a month later they finally start drafting*
*writes a sentence before they are dragged away by life and responsibilities*
*screams into oblivion*
*finally finishes the draft after another month*
IT’S DONE! Are you proud of me????

What do you think? This post was so much fun to write, I loved having Clo on my blog! Do you have similar experiences with writing blog posts? If not then tell me about it in the comments. Do you want me to do more collabs? Do you want to collab with me?

17 thoughts on “How Bloggers Write Their Posts ft. Clo @Book Dragons

  1. Awwww this was such a fun collab, hell Charvi we should collab again some time cause this was so much fun hehe. And yasssssss besties of course, it was bound to happen at some point…as soon as we smacked our timezones into line xD

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  2. This was such a fun collab! And so relatable too! I always struggle so hard to find the gif I had in mind that i know I saw somewhere a few days ago, but it’s nowhere to be seen at the moment! And I’ve definitely had the last minute rush to finish a post! (Today was no exception). That combined with how long those finishing touches really take, means I never quite allot myself enough time to finish a spontaneous (or even planned) post!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you! 😊 I know, it’s like I know that gif exists but I can’t find it anywhere. Yeah, even my planned posts can get delayed! And I’ve been procrastinating on today’s post since the last 3 days, whoops 🙈


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