Juggling Reading With Studying – Are They Compatible?

It’s a bittersweet moment since today is my last day of hosting for Bookending Spring but also this is one of the prompts I’m most excited for, not only for my own post but to see what the rest of you come up with 🙂


Pairing Reading with Studying

Book bloggers are busy people okay? Most of them are blogging as a part-time job or hobby and out of those a lot are high-school or college students trying to somehow manage both their studies and blogging. And with all that going on we sadly don’t have much time left to read.

‘Oh but are’t you reading while you’re studying?’

NOBODY enjoys reading textbooks! Even english companion novels are boring or plain crap 99%of the point so we really don’t get to read for pleasure. So today I’m trying to help out all the student bloggers like me by suggesting a few books that you can read which correlate with your subjects. I mean it counts as something.

Let me just add that there are an end number of subjects with further sub-divisions for both school and college and naturally I can’t even begin to cover them all. I’m just picking four subjects for this post. Let’s get started!



There are so many kinds of history we can be talking about here! World, Indian, American, Chinese, Japanese and so on. I don’t have much experience with histories of most countries but I’ve listed a few down below.

  • Train to Pakistan is about Indian and Pakistani history and talks about the infamous Partition of 1947 and it’s aftermath.
  • The Red Pyramid is the first book in a fantasy series by Rick Riordan in which we explore a good chunk of Egyptian mythology. Similarly one can also check out the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series for Greek mythology and Magnus Chase series for Norse mythology, all by the same author.
  • Chanakya’s Chant moves along two timelines- one of the current day and age and the other of 340 BC following the life of the famed Chanakya. The author beautifully combines aspects of the historical age into the politics of the story going along in the current timeline.
  • Diary of a Young Girl is the journal of Anne Frank who was caught in the Nazi holocaust and wrote about her journey including some funny insights, scary situations and the political scenario at that time.





These are mostly sci-fi and not purely based on science with room for speculations but yeah they’ll definitely arouse the science geek in you

  • Why Don’t You Convert came highly recommended to me from my cousin who is actually a non-reader and claimed it was the first non-syllabus book he had ever read and love. And I must admit it sounds really intriguing- a few spellbinding short stories based on the true life of the author who is a doctor and how redeeming his journey has been.
  • Dare Mighty Things is a book I recently read and loved. It has a lot of physics and space science, especially considering the whole book is based on a NASA project. Filled with wonderful characters, a gripping plot and an utterly mind-blowing plot twist at the end, this book will not disappoint you in any way.
  • The Martian has been recommended by my soul sister Nandini who speaks highly of this book which is a perfect fit for NASA geeks. Yaay!





Honestly I could give about a thousand recs for this category because a) Psychology is my jam and b) every single book has psychological aspects to it and can teach you a lot about the human behaviour, mind and body. Don’t hesitate to hit me up if you want more recs! Two of my top favourites are-

  • The Yellow Wallpaper is a gripping and shell-shocking book on how a women went into post-pregnancy depression and was locked up and caged as a result of which she slowly went insane. First published in 1892, this short story is definitely ahead of it’s time and is a must-read for everyone.
  • Words on Bathroom Walls is a book that I read a few years ago but I still remember it being one of the first books that made my mind explode with exciting possibilities and the intricacies of the human mind through it’s depiction of schizophrenia via it’s protagonist. Beautifully crafted and having great mental disorders and health rep, Words on Bathroom Walls is a book that I shall forever be recommending.




This last category is one where I really appreciated my friend Jayati‘s help since it’s way out of my area of studies but I felt like being inclusive and talking about some mathematical subjects too so here we are.


And with that we come to the end of my prompt posts for Bookending Spring. What a journey it was, definitely a memorable experience that I will remember. But the eventis not over yet! Clo @Book Dragonswill be taking over the hosting baton from me so don’t forget to check out her posts starting tomorrow 😊

Have you ever tried pairing reading with studying? What were the results? Tell me your opinions on any of these books if you’ve read them. Which fiction books that you read helped you with your curriculum as a student?

12 thoughts on “Juggling Reading With Studying – Are They Compatible?

  1. I’ve never paired reading with studying but this seems like a really fun thing to do! I think I might try it out ♥️

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  2. I haven’t really actively looked for books to pair with my studying, though I will say that I used to be the kind of student who does all the required *and* the optional reading 😜 that said, The Things They Carried is one of my favorite books I’ve had to read for class, because it combines history (Vietnam War) with writing/storytelling and some philosophy!

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  3. Ah I love this idea Charvi and thank you so much for hosting! ❤ I've never really paired reading with studying, as I like to just be able to escape but now I'm trying to think of books to pair with Graphic Design and I can't think of any hmmmmm *mulls this over*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eep I had so much fun! Will definitely join the next time too ❤️❤️ Ooh graphic designing may be harder to find but I’m sure there’s something out there!


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