Off Tangent Thoughts Meme

OTT is something that I’ve been planning since a long time now and having poured my heart and soul into it I am beyond excited to launch it on my blog today πŸ™‚


Off Tangent Thoughts was originally created out of a post which I had an incredibly amazing time planning and writing and to top that off it was received with an immense amount of laughter and love by everyone in the bookish community. Following that a few bloggers insisted on writing their own thoughts based off the original post, planting a little seedling of an idea that grew up to be this meme. Off Tangent Thoughts(OTT) is a bi-monthly meme that has a basic list-based format wherein bloggers express their points in the form of a short or long list with the points under the list being merely a couple lines or even complete paragraphs. Bloggers are also free to use headings or bring in other variations- put your own spin on it if you like. After all it’s just about letting your thoughts run wild!


Every 1st and 3rd Saturday I will be putting up prompts based on which everyone can write their own posts. For prompts that will be released on the 1st Saturday, bloggers can write and publish their posts over the next two weeks, that is, until the 3rd Saturday from when posting for a fresh prompt will begin and continue uptil the 1st Saturday of the next month and so on. On the rare occasions when we have a 5th Saturday I will keep an open prompt where everyone can generate a topic of their own or catch up on previous OTT prompts they may have missed. Everyone is encouraged to interpret the prompt however they like and be innovative with their posts. I myself will be uploading my posts for every prompt at 12am IST each 1st and 3rd Saturday so that everyone participating can link their posts back to my post for that prompt. I am also putting up a schedule of prompts that will be regularly updated so that everyone can get a glimpse into the future prompts and plan their posts accordingly.

The first prompt is Thoughts You Have While Organising Your Bookshelf (in the spirit of Bookending Spring)

You can write about organising books by colour, author, genre or whatever comes to your mind.

Posting for this prompt will begin from April 20 and you can find the rest of the schedule and prompt on the main OTT page here. Please follow this page for all kinds of updates on OTT, this post is merely for the announcement.

So what are your thoughts? Do you like the idea? Will I see you participating in OTT? Did you check out the prompts on the OTT page? How excited are you? Let me know all about it in the comments below 😊

41 thoughts on “Off Tangent Thoughts Meme

  1. ah how exciting! this is such a great idea, Charvi, and it sounds like so much fun – thank you for organizing and sharing this! πŸ’•

    I don’t currently have a bookshelf to (re)organize since I’m at university living in a dorm, but I’ll definitely take a look at the rest of the prompts and jump on any that catch my eye!

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    • Thank you, Izzy! 😊
      I’m so glad you like it and yes, that’s the best part. You can take part in any prompt and start preparing early too. Thanks for participating πŸ’•

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  2. I love it! Good luck with this, I think it will be very popular πŸ™‚ it’s always good to have a topic suggested to you. I would join myself, but I mostly just have ebooks, so I don’t organize my shelves xD so maybe later πŸ™‚ hopefully my hiatus will be done by then!

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  3. Oooh, I love this idea πŸ’• It’s so interesting and wow, off tangent thoughts are what I keep having the entire day so this should be fun πŸ˜‚ I’m also excited for the prompts, they’re gonna hopefully get my creative juices flowing 😍 Looking forward to doing this meme regularly β™₯

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