Mini Reviews {Edition #2}

I just took a look at my book review posts and realised that I haven’t done any mini reviews since a decade! That’s sad because mini reviews are my absolute favourite and well I do have a lot of books whose reviews I haven’t really got to yet.




The Walls Around Us


4.5/5 stars  4.5 stars

  • Such a mysterious and intriguing aura around the story from the very beginning!
  • It had a slow beginning but once I got past that I just couldn’t leave the book alone because I was so hooked!
  • I love how it unfolded layer after layer, giving us a very deep and thorough insight into the characters that were built up so fantastically.
  • Ori was such a sweetheart and I was just crying because LIFE IS UNFAIR TO GOOD CHARACTERS
  • Violet was so complicated and I went from finding her kinda nice to maybe irritating and then pitying her before developing an intense hate. AND THAT’S BEAUTIFUL.
  • I swear there was some dark magic here, my eyes refused to stop reading, so much so that it became creepy…
  • The plot is unbelievably crazy and intriguing and I just kept on going like WOAH, WOAH, WOAH WHAT IS HAPPENING?
  • The ending was so shocking I had to get therapy. This book cost me more than just tears.
  • Did I say it’s a psychological thriller? There’s something so beautiful about looking into the minds of people and understanding how they work! This book was a very good play on that.



Amal Unbound


4.5/5 stars  4.5 stars

  • First off, this cover is drool-worthy.
  • This was such a beautiful book and it made me cry so much late into the night.
  • Amal is one of the bravest and most determined girls I’ve read about
  • She wanted a pomegranate for herself and got sold as a slave HOW RUDE SHE JUST WANTED FOOD. But seriously are pomegranates that cursed? I mean talk about Persephone…
  • The fact that what happened to Amal still happens to many girls in my country is just heart breaking.
  • The writing is so beautiful and the pacing is perfect. There is not one moment where you are not engaged in the story.
  • This book revolves around such deep themes and yet has adorable characters like Sama and Fatima.
  • Also inspired by Malala’s life!
  • It just packed so much into a small 240 page book!


May B.


4.5/5 stars  4.5 stars

  • This was the first book I read that is written in verse! The format was a little unsettling in the beginning but then I grew to love it.
  • The story itself is very engaging and you can sense a certain sadness and determination attached to May B.
  • Her full name is Mavis Elizabeth Betterly: May Betts: May B. I love the wordplay on this name.
  • It’s a story of how May gets sent away to help out a man and a newly wed women on prairies to earn for her family and let’s just say I’m not happy with her family’s decision and neither am I.
  • May is dyslexic, which I predicted so yay me! Also yay for the rep!
  • Anyway she fights against her teachers and the society because she loves learning and is an intelligent girl and just because she find it difficult to read doesn’t mean she can’t teach in the future. The fight is strong in this one.
  • So the newly wed wife runs away and the husband goes after her leaving May behind. It’s August and her father won’t come back for her before Christmas.
  • At this point I just went OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT
  • She’s just abandoned in a house far from her real home with diminishing supplies and nobody to call upon. This is like a Hunger Games of its own.
  • Also ends in me bawling my eyes out because how are these 15 year olds surviving such tough circumstances and here I am confined to the bed because I twisted my stupid foot. Hard.
  • I love May so much she deserves all the love I have to give.
  • Basically strong girls know how to survive and fight and make me cry.



Umm I also just realised all these have 4.5 star rating which is because I am an indecisive bookworm who panics and crumbles down o ash if made to choose between a 4 and 5 star rating. And I would very much prefer the human form rather than ash.



Have you read any of these books? If not then you really need to add them to your TBR right now, I don’t care if it topples over. What are your opinions on books written in verse? Do you love psychological thrillers? Also do you find yourself giving books a 4.5 star rating often?



6 thoughts on “Mini Reviews {Edition #2}

  1. I mean my rating tend to float around 4, 4.5 and 5 for the majority of books I read haha. And oooo a book in verse, I’ve started reading Poet X which is in verse…need to finish that before next year…along with THUG. Welp I think I’m ash from the books I want to finish before next year xD

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