No Heroes by Jamie Hall: Book Review

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I’m peeping out of my hiatus for this one review post, but I’ll be back soon 🙂

In the meantime go ahead and read my review of No Heroes by Jamie Hall, a book of many colours.


3/5 stars


Official Goodreads Summary:

Michael’s life is one of little importance, which is a far cry from his dreams of being a hero throughout childhood. Several traumas in his life lead Michael down a path of vengeance in his father’s name. Guided by the desire to leave a legacy and create change, Michael battles disease and internal demons to catch his father’s killer and those that prey on society. As he delves deeper into a world of violence, Michael must balance his personal life, newfound identity, and the darkness that inevitably creeps into his life as he struggles to complete his mission.

I absolutely fell in love with the first chapter of this book. It was intensely gripping and introduced us to Michael, the main character who had some really refreshing thoughts, giving us an insight into what his character would come to be. We get a thorough exploration into the mind and psyche of Michael and I especially loved how the author wrote about the impact of being a cop’s son on Michael’s whole life. He is going through a really rough patch in his life that somehow seems to keep getting worse and worse. Coupled with an existential crisis and a dark disease slowly harvesting on him, we see some interesting twists and turns in Michael’s character and his inner turmoil.

Michael’s character is depicted as a realistic and not that of an ideal and perfect hero of just any other book, which is what makes him so intriguing. He forgets his morals, makes mistakes, falls into darkness and all sorts of stuff that we don’t usually read about in respect to heroes. But it further reinforces that Michael is no hero, he is only human and I absolutely love this pitch.


The author has a very unique writing voice that urges you to keep reading on and a style of imagery that brings to mind some vivid images of the scenes described in the book.

The fighting and action scenes were engaging and set with a good pace that makes your heart race and grip the book tighter in anticipation. Although some scenes went into gruesome details which coupled with the strong imagery made me feel uncomfortable. Heads up to the sensitive readers out there!

Coming to some of the aspects that I did not like, the main thing that totally threw me off this book was the romance. In my opinion the romance was horribly written being cheesy, somewhat cliche and pretty much instant. I hate insta-love which seems to be somewhat of a reoccurring theme in this book. Not to mention I’ve always been a strong believer of the fact that two people can’t fall in love until they really get to know each other and there were some serious timeline issues here in regards to that.


I also couldn’t deal with how Monica was written, I just couldn’t keep the frown off my face every time her name appeared and since she is a main character in the book that’s definitely not something the author seemed to be going for. I also had a major issue with another romance that was going on in the second half of the book(no spoilers). The characters made it clear that their love was platonic but they acted completely opposite to it, as if they were romantically involved and that was just plain confusing and irritating.

About the minor characters, while I really loved Daisy I do not get why Derek was even in this book. He is a totally useless character who gets shoved in here or there when the author suddenly remembers him. In no way does he contribute to the plot, and how can he when he barely has any dialogues whatsoever.

On a whole, the plot was pretty predictable. I knew what was going to happen in the end and was hoping for a couple of plot twists but the only plot twist that seemed to be present was one that I had guessed since pretty much the beginning of the book.

I really loved this book in the beginning and it had some great potential but it somehow just deflated in the end(I blame the romance, mostly).

But I really did like the author’s writing style which was one of the things that kept me reading. If the romance had been more slow and there had been as much of a build up on it as we see in Michael’s character this book would have gotten at least a 4 star rating from me. I think action sequences are something much more suited to the author’s style(A+ on all the fighting scenes!) but relationships on a whole are something that he needs to work upon, especially romantic relationships. And maybe include side characters in the story-line too?

All in all this was an average read for me but do give it a chance because every reader has a different thinking, maybe the plot isn’t as predictable for you as it was for me. Maybe you’ll actually get invested in the romance unlike me 🙂

So what are your thoughts on the review? Have the MC’s romantic relationships ever put you off a book? What makes you say ‘NOPE’ and leave the book all together? Let me know!

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