Mini Reviews {Edition #1}

Keeping up with reviews can often get very tough especially when I seem to be devouring book after book with no intention of stopping.

(Isn’t that what life is for?)

I mean reviewing on Goodreads is easy enough except that I’m forever salty about the fact that they still haven’t introduced half star rating system.



So yeah, mini reviews seem like a great option!

I’m also secretly hoping it will encourage me to reign in the monstrous essays I write in the name of reviews)

So let’s get on to it! You can click on the cover pictures to go to their Goodreads page.


Gypsy Boy by Mikey Walsh




5/5 stars5stars.png

If you’re following me on Instagram you’ll know that this book struck me really hard and I ended up bawling my eyes out. I essentially started reading it while believing it was some sort of fiction but mid-way through I got the shock of my life when I realised that it was an autobiography.

I never read autobiographies. It mainly accounts to the fact that they are pretty long and boring but this one was completely different! It follows the story of a boy named Mikey belonging to a Romany Gypsy family with rigid rules and stereotypes. Mikey is a peace-loving smart boy who unfortunately inherited his family’s fighter legacy that is forced upon him from a very young age. We watch him struggle to maintain his identity and fight back, both figuratively and literally from all the mental strain, domestic abuse and sexual assaults. The Gypsy society tries to trample him but Mikey ultimately springs back up. Trigger warnings for domestic abuse, homophobia and sexual assault

Why you should read his book-

  • great writing style
  • touching scenes
  • interesting information about the gypsy world
  • the MC is gay
  • sibling relationships
  • basically a very touching and amazing book that will open your eyes


Ghost Machine by Kristen Brand



*I recieved a free e-copy by the author in exchange for a review which has in now way affected my thoughts and opinions*


4/5 stars 4stars.jpg

Honestly I went into this book very cautiously, internally preparing myself for a let down because I’ve not really had a good experience with the review copies I’ve received but Ghost Machine exceeded all my expectations, which granted weren’t very high to begin with.

It talks about a girl named Ella who has been classified as a lunatic thanks to a freak accident and locked up in Auttenberg Asylum which seems like a place straight out of her nightmares. Day by day her condition worsens as she starts seeing ghosts, despite the painful operations conducted on her by hideous machines she doesn’t seem to get any better. And then Ella begins to realise that there is something much more serious and dangerous going on behind the curtains. Even when she escapes the Asylum will she ever be able to escape the from the clutches of the baron?

You should read this book because-

  • headstrong and relatable female protagonist
  • combines genres like steampunk and paranormal
  • great world buliding
  • lots of death which is inevitable in good books
  • influential and badass female captain!
  • really cute young Prince who acts like he has a hard shell but is a total softie
  • well developed-characters

Do I need to go on?


Eve of Man by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher


*I received an e-arc copy which in no way affects my thoughts and opinions*


3.5/5 stars3-5-stars

What first attracted my attention to this book was the blurb which talks about a uniquely dystopian world where no girl has been born for the last 50 years and then Eve arrives. And the cover is about as magical as the story!

We follow Eve’s journey as she turns 16 and struggles to break free of her confinement and try to find love even when she’s being forced to chose among the selected Potentials. In the end is she nothing more than a tool to revive the whole of humanity? Will she be left merely as a science experiment or will Eve be able to break through and live her life as she chooses to?

This book was pretty good! I loved the first half wherein we get introduced to all the characters and the dystopian world. I’ll admit that the book gets rather slow in the middle so I felt the second half wasn’t as alluring as the first but it was still a great book!

Why you should read this book-

  • great dystopian world
  • cute male protagonist
  • Holly who is part science part human but is amazing to read about
  • Vivian’s transformation
  • all the Mothers!
  • the deaths that make me sob because they didn’t deserve it
  • makes you really question the morals
  • slight si-fi tinge


And that’s it for today! I loved reviewing these three together and now I’m thinking maybe mini reviews are more my style? Let me know! Have you read any of these yet? What are your thoughts? Go add them to your TBR now! See you later 🙂


8 thoughts on “Mini Reviews {Edition #1}

  1. Oh nice reviews. true, it is not possible to review every book on the blog so mini-reviews is definitely a good idea. Though I do mini reviews for the books I didn’t like that much 😛

    Gypsy Boy grabbed my attention and I am adding it to my TBR 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I usually only post negative reviews on Goodreads and writing mini reviews is so much more feasible!

      Yaaay! I’m sure you’ll love it. I’m really glad that my review got so many people to add it to their TBR 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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