2nd Annual Book Bloggers Award

I’m extremely happy and honored to let you all know that I was nominated for the 2nd Annual Book Bloggers Award by Nandini @Unputdownable Books under the category of Best Pre-Teen/Teen Blogger!

Thank you so much for that, Nandini!

This Award tag was created by Write Through The Night and this is it’s second annual edition! So without further ado, let’s dive into this tag.

The Rules

  1. All of the nominees MUST BE BOOK BLOGGERS
  2. You may nominate up to 3 people for each category.
  3. Please make sure that the bloggers you nominate for each category actually fit that category.  On that vein, make an attempt to nominate DIFFERENT bloggers for each category, if possible.  There might be some overlap, but there’s so many bloggers out there that deserve recognition, so spread the wealth.
  4. In your nominations, please include the blogger’s name and a link to their blog


Now I may not have nominees for all the categories because I’m relatively new to this community and haven’t gone blog hopping in a long time but I’ll do my best!


The Categories

  • Best New Book Blogger (created blog after July 2017) Kate @The Backwards Bookshelf writes amazing posts!
  • Best Overall Book Blogger There is no competitions, everyone knows who is the Queen of book blogging! Cait @Paper Fury



And that’s it for today! I’ve tagged some really wonderful bloggers who I look up to so let’s see if they respond 😛

Anyway, I had great fun doing this tag and all you awesome people deserve every bit of recognition possible because you’re totally worth it. See you all in the next post! 🙂

23 thoughts on “2nd Annual Book Bloggers Award

  1. Thanks so much for nominating me, Charvi! You totally deserve this award and more!

    Aren’t nominations closed now, though? I procrastinated on my post and never got around to completing it. I should probably write it anyway to share some blogger love. xD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you very much for nominating me, Charvi! ❤ It's a honor to be nominated for best discussions as I think it's a huge deal and I really love writing discussion posts, I'm happy you like them and find them interactive!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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