Good Books: Savor or Gobble Them?

And I’m back to host another discussion on a topic I’ve recently been thinking a lot about.

So you’ve bought a book that you know is going to totally sweep you off your feet or maybe you just started it and absolutely know that this is going to destroy you(in good ways)

Now the question is do you take your sweet time and let every pore of your body absorb its contents or do you eagerly take it all in without even glancing at the clock?

Meaning do you savor the good books or gobble them down?

This question haunts me on a daily basis.

A year or two ago I didn’t really used to pay much attention to the details and more specifically the flaws of the book I was reading. Either I liked it or I didn’t- it was as simple like that.



But I’m a more progressed and developed human being now and have opinions which keep changing and a brain that minutely examines and judges every detail. I’m not sure this a boon or a bane.

So when I do stumble upon a book that has the ‘wow’ factor I usually know it by the first chapter or two. And then I proceed to ravish it. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve started a breathtaking novel and ended up snuggled in my bed, dismissing all my plans for the day as my eyes stay glued to the book until I finish it. Yes, the feeling is rather exhilarating but it only lasts for a while after which I realize that-

  • I absolutely NEED more of that book and maybe I should have gone slow?
  • Wow I am now knee deep in projects and homework that I went on to neglect



So now every time I pick up a book that is even remotely interesting I tell myself to go slow. I need to drink in every word one at a time and not just hurry ahead. After all, the book isn’t going anywhere and I should really cherish it’s existence.

This lasts for maximum one chapter if the fates are feeling lucky before I go back to speed reading because I just can’t stop! And you would think once the novelty has worn out this wouldn’t be a problem, but NO! Even when I’m re-reading books that I love I’ll end up a sobbing mess 6 hours later.

It’s an absolute struggle because due to this speed reading I often miss out some stuff

  • I cannot for the love of my life count the number of times I finished a book and realized I still did not have a single clue about how the main character looked like. Honestly what are these descriptions doing, playing a treasure hunt with me? I kid you not I read the entire Percy Jackson series believing that Percy was BLONDE.


  • The descriptions. I’ve never loved long descriptions of places or phenomena because simply put I don’t know if they’re important enough for me to bother to remember them. So I skip them. Unconsciously. Or maybe not. It just happens, okay?
  • And maybe like half of the book? IT’S HORRIBLE AND I KNOW IT


The day I’m able to slowly slip into a book that I love will probably be the day that authors stop writing heart wrenching cliffhangers.

But now on to you guys! Let’s discuss this, shall we?

Do you take your sweet time while reading a book that you know you’re going to love or do you just fall into it headfirst? If it’s the former CAN YOU PLEASE TEACH ME HOW?

But seriously, slow readers, give me some tricks and tips to not speed through a book because God knows I need serious help. At this rate I’m sure I’ll morph into a book myself. On second thoughts, that doesn’t seem like a bad idea…



Let me know what kind of a reader you are and how do you believe people should read the books they love in the comments down below! Have fun πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Good Books: Savor or Gobble Them?

  1. I’m a slow reader for most books, but some books that I really like β€” I gobble those up and get into a “What just happened” state hours after I finish them.

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  2. Depends on the book and my mood. Sometimes for books I really love I somehow manage to go slow, but for me slow is still fast xD I get you with the description thing. I read The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines yet in my head Adrian is blonde. (he’s a brunette!) but to me I couldn’t see him as a brunette haha. If you want to go slower try using little flag markers and stick them in at various points in the book. So you have a goal to reach then you take a break go do something else. I sometimes do that πŸ™‚ love the post

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  3. I’m such a slow reader, literally!! People say that I read pretty fast but since I get bored easily ( and since Moms exist) I can’t read at a fast speed. Also descriptions suck and Percy Jackson series has so many characters..How am I supposed to remember what each character looks like.
    Great post, Charvi!! ❀

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  4. If I’m enjoying a book I binge it in a day or two. I just sit down to read, and next thing I know it’s far past my bedtime, and I’m done the book. It’s probably impractical, but it’s how I get the most enjoyment out of books, so I’m in no hurry to stop.
    Although yes, I also tend to miss character descriptions. Lately I’ve been noticing it a bit more, and sometimes make myself back up and read them, but it’s HARD.

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  5. I am definitely a speedy reader haha. The more I love the book THE MOR EI WANT TO READ IT! Althooough there are some books I get so emotionally involved in that I kind of procrastinate reading them because I know it’ll end in tears?! But often I read so fast because I get so into it, that I don’t pay attention to description either.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚That’s why I always get shocked seeing fanart…I’m like “Woah the characters look like that?!?” πŸ˜‚

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    • I totally get the procrastination thing!
      Haha yes fan art is surprising but pretty grounding like oh good at least the characters aren’t just blobs in my head XD


  6. I am such a fast reader. I get what you’re saying. I can NEVER think straight after I’ve speed read an entire book. And actually, I also thought Percy was blonde until one of my friends told me he wasn’t. And this is 3 years after reading PJO. πŸ˜‚

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  7. Cute post, Charvi! I don’t consider myself to be a fast reader since I do take in descriptions slowly, but generally, when a book’s really good, I tend to not stop for breaks (which I almost always do), so I guess that counts as “gobbling” a book. xD It’s so hard to stop when a book’s getting good!

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

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