Interviewing Cait (@paperfury) a.k.a Queen of Book Blogging

If you’re even the tiniest bit involved in books or blogging or the social world of book blogging there is no way you haven’t heard of Cait, more popularly know as @paperfury or the Queen of Book Blogging.

And I’m really happy to say that I got to interview her about her blog and upcoming YA contemporary book ‘A Thousand Perfect Notes’ which is coming out this June! I cannot even begin to tell you how I excited I am!



But first, for those of you who have somehow not heard of her, Cait is a 24 year old book blogger from Australia obsessed with books, dragons, magical cloaks and cake. You should definitely check out her site, just click on the image below(it’s so aesthetically pleasing that your eyes might fall off)





And if you want to know more about her you can also check out her Goodreads account and read epic book reviews by clicking on the image below



Now let’s get started with the interview!

Hi Cait! I’m really honoured to have you here on my blog. Let’s start this off with an easy question…

1. Tell us what your book ‘A Thousand Perfect Notes’ is about.


lowkey screaming over the gorgeous cover


I’ll give you the official pitch! “A Thousand Perfect Notes is an emotionally charged story about Beck: a boy abused by his mother and forced to play the piano to fulfill the career she couldn’t. All he wants is to compose his own music, but any hint of rebellion ends in violence. It’s only when Beck meets August, a girl full of life, that love begins to awaken and he glimpses a way to escape his painful existence.”


2. What or who inspired you to write this particular book and get it published?

I’ve always been in love with classical music, constantly listening to composers like Chopin, Grieg, Beethoven, and Liszt. After I started learning piano I knew I wanted to write about music and, with a little dash of Cinderella’s influence, Beck’s story started to take shape! (I, however, have had a lovely musical experience unlike poor Beck…oops.)


3. Your blog is so beautiful and amazing and well organised that I feel you must never run out of ideas to blog about. But if I’m wrong then what do you do when than happens?

Aww thank you for these lovely words! Although I confess I do run out of idea quite often. I sometimes ask my followers if they have topics they’d like me to blog about and I participate in linkups with prompts (such lifesavers) and if I’m really stuck for a discussion, I like to pull something out of whatever book I’m reading. For instance, I just finished reading Blood & Sand by C.V. Wyk and it’s a genderbent Spartacus retelling. It’s inspired me to do a post on other historical retellings I’d love to see!

(here you see the classic signs of any booknerd: slipping in something about a book they absolutely love)


4. Is blogging a full time profession for you or do you see it more as a side job?

Blogging is equal parts hobby and job for me! I don’t get paid to blog obviously, but I’d love to think of it as a launching platform for A Thousand Perfect Notes!


5. What were your thoughts when you were writing ‘A Thousand Perfect Notes’?

Mostly “what am I doing” haha because I’d never written anything like it! And of course my thoughts shifted to “I really like how this is turning out” which I think is the #1 thing a writer wants to think!


6. Every writer secretly (or not so secretly) slips some of their own personality traits into their characters. What part of your personality do you feel your characters reflect?

Oh for sure. I am never my characters but my influence in all their little lives is always there.

With Beck = he’s very scared of change and the unknown, something I definitely relate to.

The love interest, August = accidentally cracks up laughing in serious moments (I have been known to do that!)

Beck’s little sister, 5-year-old Joey = pretends to be gruff, but is secretly very protective of the ones she loves. Meeeee!

7. Which fictional characters from other fantasy and fiction worlds do your book’s characters resemble the most?

Ooh this is hard. I hope that my characters are all their own people, but it’s always fun to know their Hogwarts houses (I’m a total Hogwarts fan!) so I’d sort them as: Beck in Hufflepuff and August in Ravenclaw (she’d definitely get along marvelously with Luna Lovegood).

8. Now what I think might be the most difficult question here… Books or Cake?

Can’t I have both?! Or better yet: cakes shaped like books.

(I totally agree!)


9. What advice do you have for bloggers who are new to this experience, especially the book bloggers?

Write the blog you want to read! So think about what attracts you to your favourite blogs and work on that. For me, it was always humor and a friendly blogger and lots of discussion posts…so that’s what I ended up writing. But it’s very important to write in your voice and not emulate your heroes too much!

10. So the Advanced Reading Copies(ARCs) of ‘A Thousand Perfect Notes’ are already out and spreading like wildfire. How does it feel to see people gushing over your ARCs? Have you got back a review from any of them yet?

It’s completely surreal! I’ve sneakily read a few reviews that have been beyond lovely and thoughtful. Seeing people understand the heart of my book is absolutely everything to me. It’s just wild thinking about how Beck and August, who’ve just lived in my head for so long, are now out there for everyone to meet. I really hope you all enjoy them!


This whole interview has further made me realize that I need to get my hands on this stunning book as soon as possible! It was great to have Cait here and I hope you got to know her and her gorgeous book a lot better or if you’re new, they you got to know the awesome person that she is!


So how did you like today’s post? Have any more authors or bloggers for me to interview? Just leave a comment below! Keep reading and hit that follow button if you feel like it 🙂

Until next time!

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