What to Gift Your Booknerd Friend


Birthdays, as you know, come only once every year and you really want them to be as perfect as they can, which can be a problem if you don’t really know what to gift that person…

Shopping for a bookworm would be easy, that’s what everyone thought! What do bookworms love? Books. Just buy tons of books for them!

You wish it were that easy.


There are so many problems with this idea and you are bombarded with questions from every corner of your brain when you’re trying to buy a book. What kind of a book do you buy for them? Are you sure they like this genre? Have they already read this book? Wait, don’t they already have like two editions of this very book? Is killing myself the easier option here?

It’s literally impossible!

So if you really want to buy the perfect gift for your booknerd friend or family member that will finally make them look up from that book they are reading then you don’t have to do much, I’ve got you covered. (This can apply for holidays like Christmas and New Year so really, you should be sacrificing some books in my name)


(because their eternal love has been pledged to books)



  • Bookmarks


I know what your first thoughts are- this is a lame gift. BUT HOLD ON!

You do not know how many times a book lover has had to sacrifice their mental and physical health when they internally scream as they dog ear the pages upon not finding a bookmark. And have you seen the kind of bookmarks on the internet?

We are not talking about rectangular pieces of paper, no those go way back. These new kind of bookmarks are next level and will make you want to grab the book nearest to you and put them to use.






*pictures taken from Pinterest, please don’t sue me I’m broke*


See what I’m talking about?

And definitely take notice of the pointing hand bookmark which can mean the world for all the forgetful people who legit get amnesia while trying to find what line or even word they were on.


  • Book mugs

Another thing you should know: bookworms love to hoard mugs.

I mean we consume coffee like water because duh, how are we supposed to fit in the hundreds of books on our daunting TBR pile without sacrificing something? (With the amount of sleep we get you might as well call us living zombies)

So what do we keep our coffee and tea in? Books Mugs! And what better than setting up the mood than book themed mugs? (Also, they’re great for aesthetic pictures which is basically what we all live for)

Also, they pretty much send out a clear message….


m1 m2



*these gorgeous pictures are not mine and I’m crying, someone buy me these mugs*


NEVER disturb us when we have an awesome nerdy mug of coffee in one hand and a book in the other unless you want to die a painful death


  • Accessories and Clothes

Our love for glittery and shiny things is not just limited to book covers. What better to wear than fandom and nerdy jewellery that not only advertises our love for book and warns haters to stay away but also helps us connect with other bookworms and people of the same fandom.

That said, wearing fandom accessories makes us happy in numerous ways. It’s a way to remember our favorite character that was brutally killed off or to feel surrounded by the book world when stuck in catastrophes like parties and make for heartfelt memories.





It’s really easy to buy these accessories nowadays! I got mine off Amazon and RedWolf and other local stores and they are super pretty! And the same point applies for clothes! Since we can’t really tattoo book symbols and quotes all over our body, fandom clothes are the next best thing!

RedWolf is my favorite site for all merchandise, especially clothes because they have a huge variety and everything is available in all sizes and there are special size charts?! This world is too good.


i am sherlocked.jpg


*picture credits to RedWolf’s awesome collection*




  • Booklamps

Now I’m a bookworm and as we discussed earlier, bookworms do not get the perfect gifts they want which is unfair. We just ask for great presents, food and to be left alone with our books. Three simple things.

But I did get some pretty good gifts last year including the many books that are glaring at me from across the room because I somehow forgot to read some of them, but my all time favorite was a miniature booklamp!




It is a constant struggle to read about 100% of the time because the world is bent on not letting us finish our TBR list and the number one reason is the dark. I cannot count the number of times I have struggled to read in poor lighting as night started to dawn and strained my poor eyes to the point that I now have huge glasses perched on my nose, but does that stop me? No.

I distinctly remember that time while I was going back home late at night with a book in my hands and actually stressed on reading a sentence every time the car passed from under the street lights (The book was that good.)

Anyway, the point is that we need a source of light when the sun is unavailable and book lamps are pretty much perfect! They are small and adorable, operate on batteries, easy to carry around and well, give us light. You can find double headed ones like mine or single headed like these or even these really cool mini book lamps that look like books but are actually lamps(I am dying on the inside)

book light clip on Elegant 8 things that every book lover would want to have in his her life





  • Bookshelf

No, this is not unrealistic because I’m not talking about those huge wooden bookshelves that take up half a wall and look really vintage along with accommodating so many books- not to get carried away, there are other types of affordable and breathtaking bookshelves which make for superb gifts.

For example, look at these ingenious invisible bookshelves that make it seem as if your books are floating in the air! Not only are they convenient and don’t occupy much space but also fill up the wall and look aesthetically pleasing. And they’re pretty affordable too!

Available on about every online shopping site, though these were found on Amazon.

What are you waiting for? Go help that bookworm assemble their dream floating library!





  • Discount Coupons and Gift Cards

And if you’re still confused on what to buy, I promise this one will never disappoint. Now you may not know that much about a booknerd’s choices and preferences but the perfect solution for that is gift cards and discount coupons!

It’s pretty easy to head over to sites like Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Nobles etc and buy a gift coupon for your bookworm friend. This way they’ll be able to buy something of their own choice, you won’t have to fret about shopping for their gift and you might even win over their heart.





If all these solution still don’t work for you then I guess there’s nothing left but to go and ask the person what they want, and trust me all bookworms will be happy to oblige. We have yard long lists of books we want, just waiting for someone to ask what we need for our gifts. (And if you didn’t get the hint, this whole post was a guide for you all to buy me birthday presents so better be ready!)


Phew! With that we come to an end of this list that took me a shockingly long time to make because I got distracted by the pretty merchandise and bookshelf aesthetics on Pinterest. If you want more pictures I’ll be absolutely happy to oblige.


So tell me if this list was of any help to you? What do you usually gift your fellow booknerds and which of these ideas did you like the best? Let me know in the comments below and click the follow button to stay updated!




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