How to Commit to Your New Year’s Resolution to Read

It’s a new year, new month, new week and a new blog post!

As we welcome 2018 most of us have already taken up the impossible task of  New Year Resolutions. Quite a lot of people decide to start the year afresh with insane goals like going to gym, eating healthy, giving up pizza-wait, who made that?

But even as the first weekend looms upon us these resolutions have already been discarded and we’ve promised ourselves to start over next year or maybe the one after and how about never?

Yes, there are some super heroes among us who do manage to stick to their resolutions all through the year (your willpower is highly envied) but this post isn’t for them. This post is for all those people who have decided that 2018 will be the year when they finally start reading on a daily basis.

Reading is a great habit if you ignore all the emotional attachments, yelling your head off  and basically losing complete sense of who you are. But the truth is that you aren’t going to be able to stick to this goal for even a week, let alone a year, without some tips and tricks. And that’s what I am here for! (That and the fact that I have to complete my writing resolution)

These are my tips and tricks to help you develop a reading habit and make it to the end of the year without much collateral damage*
*terms and conditions apply

  • Start Small

If you think you are going to be able to read like Hermione Granger from day one then think again.

Nothing can be mastered within a day and reading is no exception. You can’t take up a 400 page book and expect yourself to finish it that very day when you’ve never bothered to complete a 100 page one in your whole lifetime.

The best way is to start small. Take out 15 minutes from your schedule and allot yourself that time for reading. You can slowly increase the time as you go ahead and set your own pace or you can take up 5 pages a day in the beginning and increase the number as time passes.

Within no time you’ll be flying through those pages!

  • Fit In Your Reading Time 

Reading isn’t a humongous project that you need to set aside 2 hours for and prepare yourself physically and mentally to begin. Just get yourself cozy and bring some food- it’s a great motivator! (Unless you are also aiming to lose weight- then you’re doomed)

Everyone has a busy life and a hectic schedule but no matter how much of a busy-bee you are you can always find time to read if you want to. Are you a school going student slowly dying under the towering pile of homework? Read on your way to school and back during the long bus rides, grab a book instead of whiling away your time during a free class. If work keeps you busy, not to worry. You can read a little at meal times or during breaks.

But whether you are a teenager or a 60 year old woman, the best time to read is undoubtedly before you go to bed. Not only does bedtime reading assure you undisturbed peace but it also relaxes and helps you get a good night’s sleep(if you don’t stay up the whole night finishing that book)

Also, just admit that your idea of a ‘busy day’ is lying in your bed all day and binge watching shows on Netflix (yes, I’m in your head), I’m sure you can take out plenty of time for reading

  • Read Anything

It doesn’t matter whether you are reading a 400 page fantasy novel or your last week’s grocery list as long as you are reading something (reading my blog also counts so keep scrolling)

Don’t let anyone patronize what you read and when you read. You’re working towards your resolution which is more than what can be said for them. And the best part is that you can read anything in any format these days. Want to check on today’s news? Just pull up that e-news app in your phone. Paperbacks, e-books, audio-books- everything is acceptable! If you’re stuck on that book you borrowed from the library just listen to an audio-book or read e-news to shake things up. You can always come back to old projects later on (although if you are anything like me, good luck remembering what you had been reading in the first place)

  • When Boredom Strikes, Strike Back with a Book! (not literally)

Boredom is the bane of everyone’s existence. One can get bored of the most exciting things in life and when that happens, our instant reaction is to aimlessly scroll through our Facebook or instagram feed.

DON’T do that. Keep your electronic time zapping devices away for a while and pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read. It’s like shooting two birds with one arrow- you can get rid of your boredom and complete your daily reading goal!

So get reading!


  • Keep Your Books in Sight

Now you may sometimes forget about your daily reading goal (or train yourself to forget it and blame the massive fail of your resolution on your poor memory) so the best solution is to always keep a book in sight where you can easily spot them. Have one on your bedside table, another on your work table and maybe near the dining table (the best idea is to build your house with books instead of bricks) so that whatever you do the sight of those books will remind you about your resolution

(don’t bother to use post-its, your lazy ass won’t want to heave ho and get the book from the other corner of the house)


  • Goals and Rewards

Set up daily or weekly goals for yourself! It can be as simple as reading one article a day or completing that 200 page book by the end of the week. These small goals will help you keep that bigger goal in sight and motivate you while making your task much simpler.

Its like dividing your pizza into slices so that you can finish the whole much more easily. You can try to stuff it all at once but that would just be plain messy. Speaking of pizza (I’m hungry now), keep rewarding yourself.

Everyone needs some kind of reward and for many, reward is the only reason they move forward(after a month of the gym that pizza is the only thing you are looking forward to)

Rewards can be as small as allowing yourself a 15 minute nap or binge watching that show with 5 seasons(there is no middle ground)

  • Grab a Companion!

No need to endure this torturous resolution alone, grab an unaware and doomed soul right now! Seriously though, it’s always better to have some company no matter what the situation.

If none of the advice seems to be working, sought out a willing friend and start this resolution with them. This way both of you can keep each other motivated and have your backs, especially when either of you start to slack. No task is too big when you are not alone!

Even better, join a book club! Not only do you get to discuss the agonizing effects the book brought upon your life but you also get to socialize and eat food! Wait, book club meetings have food, right?

And if there is no book club in your area just go ahead and make some with your friends or the book lovers in your class(the latter would only be too eager)


  • Don’t Give Up!

But the most important point of keeping up with any resolution is to never give up! Even if you are slackening on your reading goals don’t let the urge to quit drag you down. Some reading is better than no reading!

You can always try to catch up on your goals later during the holidays or whenever you find yourself some free time. Don’t be discouraged, just keep going on!

That’s all I have on how not to die while staying on track of your harrowing resolutions. Meanwhile I’m trying (failing) to fit in 100 books into my reading schedule this year(as I said before there is no middle ground)

So, what are your New Year’s Resolutions if you keep any? How are you planning to keep to your reading resolution and do you think these tips and tricks will be able to help you in anyway? Tell me in the comments below and keep me updated on your reading schedule!

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Happy New Year!

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