How Christmas=Books


If you’ve ever read a single book in your life and happen to know the tiniest bit about the lavish holiday known as Christmas, you must know that Christmas means books.

Its common knowledge, like school is equal to torture and ice-cream is equal to happiness!


I’m Charvi(a crazy book fanatic) and have decided to start up my very first blog with this Christmasy post. Why? Because it’s Christmas(duh!) and I decided to do something productive with my life before the year ends. Now I don’t celebrate Christmas but I still find reasons to go insane over the books I’ll be buying and hoarding because as I stated before, Christmas is equal to books which equal to my sanity.

And in case you don’t know why Christmas is related to books, (which is why I assume you are here. Either that or you just clicked on this post because you saw ‘books’ which is totally not me) that is what I am here for!

Just read ahead!

(this post, not your Christmas books)


  •   Christmas Presents



Now unless you’ve been living under a rock, Christmas means loads of presents which means books! Because it’s practically impossible to keep tearing wrapper after wrapper of Christmas gifts and not find a flawless looking book in that bunch of presents, ready for you to devour. 


This holiday is the perfect time for all bookworms to bring out their unending TBR* and hand it out to every friend, relative and dog that they know(or may not know) to get all those books they’ve been dying to read, without going bankrupt. It’s a perfect strategy!

(if they manage not to trip over the list in the process)


This way people don’t have to go mad while they find the ‘perfect’ gift for you and your parents get satisfied that you got a useful and educative gift instead of that dragon you had wanted to keep as a pet. Unless they are my parents who will scream if I bring another book in the house.


(I’m working on smuggling them in)




*to-be-read list, for the novices here




  • Sales!

Every holiday brings with it a massive amount of sales and Christmas is certainly no exception! While other people are busy thrashing and making their way into the sale over at the jewellery and clothing stores we booknerds are busy hoarding the book stores.


Books tend to burn a hole into your pocket especially when you tend to buy every book with a shiny cover, insist of having every edition of your favorite book or just want to buy all the books in the world(you can’t stop me from trying).


When I see a book sale there is no stopping me. I can run through an army based obstacle course or climb Mount Everest to get to that bookstore. You’ll need a crane to physically detach me from that place and I’ll still end up with an armful of books.


There is absolutely no reason not to go to a book sale(money is not a problem, I’m willing to sell myself) especially during Christmas when most introverts are being pitched into parties and need to arm themselves with books(their lethal weapons).



  • Books based on Christmas

 There are tons of Christmas themed books out there because literally everyone is crazy about this glorious holiday and there’s simply nothing better to write about.


Now what better time to read Christmas themed books than the aforementioned* holiday itself? Because it isn’t like bookworms have a life anyway unless you count stocking on books and eating all the chocolate.



*I know this increased my sophistication level to the height of your TBR, don’t you dare deny it



  • Aesthetics

I dare you to name anything more aesthetic than shiny new books with their rich and glossy covers lying underneath your Christmas tree. I dare you to. 







If the sight of these lovely books does not make your heart melt then you’re the cruelest human alive if you even classify as a homo sapien. Go stack up your books, no literally.





  • End of the year crisis

The end of the year is just around the corner! At this point of time you either realize that


a)You have run out of books and immediately need to buy tons of more books to read for the next year otherwise the world will explode or;


b)Your TBR has piled up so high that you’re fretting it will fall over you leading to your demise and in order to stop stressing you go ahead and buy more books. What? Its therapeutic.



  • Your food needs a companion

Food is the only highlight of my life, I live for food and books and Christmas takes food to a whole new level what with gingerbread cookies, cakes, pies and whatnot(I could carry on but I’m drooling over my laptop)


And where food goes books follow- the perfect couple you’ll ever find! Nothing feels better than cuddling up in your warm bed with an everlasting supply of chocolate cake and books- wait that’s heaven.


You get the point- food means books. Eat while you read!



WARNING: Do not engage in this sport unless trained by professionals. Severe consequences can include spilt drinks and/or food stuck in between pages which can be fatal for your book.





  • And lastly……

Do you even need a reason to read?


The answer is no. It’s Christmas! Just grab a book wherever you are- at a family dinner, home alone or at a party- especially at a party because you may not survive the night otherwise. 


I’m going to stop writing now since my books are glaring at me because I’ve been neglecting them for far too long. Also, go admire those pictures because it took my sister hours to click and edit them(unlike my books,I’m a terrible model)






So did I convince you that Christmas=books?

If not, you can just stuff your mouth with food and shut up.


What is your experience of books and Christmas? How many books did you get this Christmas? And if you don’t celebrate(like me), did you stock up on books anyway? Tell me in the comments below- I love reading them when my head is not buried in a book or I’m not busy screaming my head off at fictional characters.

If you like this post then show me your love by clicking that like button and subscribe for more posts about books. And food.


Have a very Merry Christmas!


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